Fan wants Respawn to add fall damage in Apex as an April fool’s prank

This would be a perfect prank on players

Apex Legends fans have been asking Respawn to add fall damage as April fools prank since last year.

Apex Legends is one of the few battle royales or FPS games that don’t have any fall damage at all. Players can drop off a mountain with no change to their hp. While this change compliments Apex’s amusing movement system, fans want a mode for only one day that would prank unsuspecting players by adding fall damage.

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No other game is as refined except Quake Champions when it comes to movement in-game. Maybe Titanfall would also make the list as games with amusing movement. Other than that there aren’t many good examples.

Respawn really knows a thing or two about making games with fast and responsive movement. So, this would be a perfect addition to the game if they decide to add fall damage in-game as a prank. This would definitely take players off guard.

Just imagine the reaction of the players, streamers and content creators alike. Respawn hasn’t made any notable addition to the April fool’s library of pranks to Apex as of now.

That infamous Titanfall prank

Even though back in 2014, IGN announced that Optimus Prime will be available to play, in a Titanfall game, as a playable titan. It was obviously fake but it did manage to trick some fans and created some good laughs while they were at it. Maybe just maybe respawn might add something like that in the upcoming month of April.

This would be a perfect prank for Apex Legends. Since they already surprised us with killing Forge right after they announced him as a playable Legend for season 4, they might find this idea intriguing.

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