Faker Re-Signs With T1 For Three Years

The Unkillable Demon King, Faker, has re-signed with T1 for three more years.

Faker is the most legendary player in League of Legends esports history. He is certainly the most accomplished player. His legacy in T1 and League of Legends will be etched in the annals of history for the game. Ever since his rookie year, he has consistently been the pillar of T1.

Faker is one of the few players to win multiple championships. On top of that, he won in back-to-back years as well. This is with different lineups in the team with different players and personalities. Only Faker is the constant, and he has consistently been part of success.

Despite losing in the Worlds 2022 finals, Faker’s legacy is still untouched. He has transitioned from being the generational talent to the best mid-laner and player of all time to a role model and leader for his team. His career is a testament to what happens when a player has both the best skills in the game and is the leader and inspiration he is to everyone around him.

With his Free Agency looming, there were murmurs that Faker was exploring other options. While that was always a possibility, it seems unthinkable that after last year, Faker would simply leave T1. Thus, as expected, Faker is returning to T1, but longer than most people expected.

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Faker Returns to T1 for Three Years

As Faker returns to the team, it is going to be three more years of his leadership of the team. The aim for those years should be to win at least one Worlds Trophy. Anything short of that is a disappointment. They have the team around Faker to succeed, and this is the time for them to step forward.

Another key detail to note, Faker is still going to have military service, but since he did not finish high school, he will likely be part of some form of civic duty. The date of that is unknown, but given how Faker has signed for three years, he has either delayed it long enough or he plans to get an exemption. More on that as well get more information.

Regardless, this is a joyous day for Faker, the T1 organization, and the T1 fans for his staying with the team. Here is to more success for the greatest player League of Legends has ever seen.

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