Evo shields will receive nerfs in Apex Legends season 7 confirmed by a dev

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: EA

Evo shields in Apex Legends were received pretty positively among the community when it first made its debut as a limited-time game mode.

Later Respawn decided to turn every armor into an Evo armor in season 6. However, they also decreased all shields by 25 hp. After many back and forth between the community and the developers, the devs decided to revert back the controversial Evo shield changes.

The community almost unanimously agreed that having more health was just right for Apex Legends. Although it seems like Respawn might be planning on making more changes to the Evo shields in the future. In the official thread on Reddit, a dev confirmed that some slight changes are coming to the Evo Shields in season 7.

Evo shields nerf in season 7 Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

Respawn dev confirms the Evo Shields changes:

Basically, Respawn is planning on increasing the amount of damage requires to turn a purple Evo shield into a Red Evo shield. As a result, players won’t be able to transform purple Evo shields into a red one as readily as before. Which in turn might be a good or bad thing depending on how the community reacts to the changes in season 7.

As for now, most of the members in the Apex Legends community seems to be happy with the state of armors in the game. Apparently, Respawn originally intended to implement something similar during the current season 6. Due to some unforeseen consequences Respawn decided to delay this change to season 7.

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