A new glitch in Apex Legends turns the Sentinel into an auto fire weapon

Respawn is already working on a fix

A new Sentinel bug in Apex Legends just made the weapon into a DPS monster as it transformed from a bolt action sniper rifle to a full-auto monster.

Sentinel is a bolt action sniper rifle with pretty good damage output. And the weapon can be charged with a shield battery to deal extra damages to the opponent’s shields. Just like every other sniper rifle, the weapon obviously has a very slow fire rate paired with slow handling.

A weird new sentinel glitch turned the weapon from a single fire bolt action sniper rifle to a full-auto gun. As a result, the DPS(damage per second) value of this weapon has gone up way above the comfort level.

Sentinel full auto bug Apex
Image via Respawn

Full-auto Sentinel:

Basically, this bug literally makes the gun totally broken. According to Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable data miner, this bug is correlated with an unreleased hop-up called “Marksman’s Tempo“.

Apparently, Respawn added this new hop-up into the game files in this patch. So, this bug actually suggests something big is coming for the Sentinel in the upcoming seasons. Respawn has already acknowledged the existence of this bug. Currently, they are working on a fix.

The new aftermarket collection event introduced some new weird bug and glitches that heavily affected the matchmaking. Consequently, the community voiced their concerns regarding the broken state of the game. As of now, Respawn has acknowledged all the new bugs and they are working around the clock to come up with a fix really soon.

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