Apex Legends Aftermarket patch notes: Devotion and Triple Take receives some small changes

Apex Legends new aftermarket collection event patch notes are finally here and it seems like Respawn decided to change the devotion once again.

With the launch of the season 6 of Apex Legends, the devotion made a return to the normal loot pool. And as a result, players were constantly complaining about how overpowered the gun feels in the game. The general consensus was that the devotion should have been a care package only weapon.

In the latest aftermarket patch, Respawn decided to nerf the devotion once again with increasing the hipfire spread and also increasing the spread while firing. And the triple take also got some slight nerf as it was performing almost like a shotgun at close range encounters.

Apex Legends devotion aftermarket Nerf
Image via Respawn

Aftermarket weapon changes:


  • Increasing hipfire spread at a base level and also increasing the spread added while firing.


  • We try to keep hipfire numbers consistent with similar weapons of the same class. So, the hipfire spread increase on the Devotion is also being applied to the Spitfire. To compensate, we are reducing horizontal recoil on the Spitfire.

Triple Take

  • Reduced fire rate from 1.4 to 1.3.

In short, Respawn took all the feedback regarding the devotion and made some extra changes in order to make the gun more balanced. Currently, the devotion is performing almost like a laser beam. And the spitfire also received some minor changes. Triple Take, on the other hand, got some nerf in the form of a slower firing rate.

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