Everything Announced at the Official Xbox Podcast

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Here is a quick summary of everything announced at the new Xbox podcast.

Microsoft published a new podcast featuring Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Xbox President Sarah Bond, and Head of Xbox Studios Matt Booty. On the podcast, the heads of the company addressed all the rumors and talked about all the new strategies and the long-term future of Xbox and Microsoft’s gaming division.

On the podcast, Spencer and the rest of the Xbox team talked about the future plan for Xbox, Game Pass, and the games being released for multiple platforms. In addition, the team also spoke about the upcoming Xbox console’s hardware, which will be significantly more powerful than the current generation console.

Here is everything that was announced at the Xbox’s business event podcast.

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Four Xbox Exclusive Games Coming To Other Consoles

Sea of thieves | Credit: Xbox
Sea of Thieves | Credit: Xbox

Phil Spencer confirmed that four Xbox-exclusive titles will be coming to other consoles, more notably on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. However, Spencer did not reveal which titles would be coming to other platforms. The titles that will be released are reportedly exclusives that have been on Xbox for at least a year.

Even though Phil Spencer did not reveal which titles will be released to rival platforms, he left out those announcements for the respective studios. However, Spencer’s statement and the official Xbox blog suggest that two of the four titles are Pentiment and Sea of Thieves.

Diablo 4 is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Diablo 4 Coming to Xbox Game Pass | Credit: Activision
Diablo 4 Coming to Xbox Game Pass | Credit: Xbox

On the podcast, it’s revealed that Diablo 4 will be the Activision Blizzard to come to Xbox Game Pass on March 28, 2024. After Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard and laid off many employees across the studios, more games will come to Xbox’s subscription service.

The Mass Layoffs is Making Xbox to Go Multiplatform

Xbox And Activision Blizzard
Xbox ANd Activision Blizzard

Spencer said on the podcast that the gaming industry did not grow a lot in 2023, even though a number of big video games were released. Several big-profile studios also laid off a large number of employees from their companies, including Microsoft.

According to Spencer, these layoffs influenced the company to extend Xbox’s gaming division and go multiplatform. He added that the company needed to expand beyond Xbox’s player base to keep the company healthy and maintain jobs.

Starfield and Indiana Jones Is Not Coming To PlayStation 5

Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones title | Credit: Bethesda
Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones title | Credit: Bethesda

During the podcast, Phil Spencer was asked if Microsoft had plans to release Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones on PlayStation 5. Spencer answered that Starfield and Indiana Jones will not be released on Sony’s console.

However, The Verge published an interview with Phil Spencer minutes after the podcast ended. In the interview, Spencer did not rule out that these games could come to competing consoles in the future. He added that the company will launch four titles on other consoles and then decide the next plan.

Xbox Will Announce More Powerful Console During Christmas

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X | Credit: Microsoft

At the end of the podcast, Spencer mentioned that Microsoft will announce an “interesting hardware news” this Christmas. He said the company has started investing in the next generation of consoles and hardware.

It was heavily rumored that Microsoft was working on an updated version of the Xbox Series consoles, and Spencer’s statement may indicate that the company is currently working on them. Spencer also said that the company still views Xbox consoles as “the most flagship, seminal experience” for the brand. Furthermore, Sarah Bond added that the company is working on the next-generation Xbox, which will be “the largest technical leap you’ve ever seen in a hardware generation.”

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