Riot Changing Enchanter Proc Damage In LoL Patch 13.21

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Enchanter Proc Damage will now be attributed to the Enchanters themselves from LoL Patch 13.21.

Patch 13.21 keeps adding more changes to the list. New skins, champion adjustments, jungle, and item changes are all here. This time, let’s talk exclusively about the quality of life improvements the support players will get.

Supports have always dedicated themselves to their team members glory in League of Legends. We all know that Lulu, who buffs her ADC from the laning phase to late-game elder, fights with all her shields, heals, and item utilities. In essence, she embodies the entire enchanter class. Even though they are directly responsible for empowering their team, they don’t get the proper credit for it.

After a match ends, most people look at the damage chart and scorecard. They barely look at the ally shielding and healing. All the damage from support enchantment is attributed to the empowered ally, not the enchanter. Hence, the damage chart barely does justice to the supports.

In patch 13.20, Milio received an update on his passive that proposes a fine solution to this issue. His passive ‘Fired up!’ used to attribute bonus damage from his enchantment to the ally he empowered. But from 13.20, it started to attribute it to Milio himself. Therefore, Riot thought, why not do the same for other enchanters?

Hence, in patch 13.21, they have brought changes to other champions’ damage attribution as well. Here is the list of the champions whose enchantment proc damage now counts as their own instead of their empowered ally.

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Enchanter Proc Damage Changes

  • Ivern: W – Brushmaker
  • Leona: Passive – Sunlight
  • Lulu: Passive – Pix, Faerie Companion; E – Help, Pix!
  • Nami: E – Tidecaller’s Blessing
  • Renata Glasc: Passive – Leverage
  • Sona: Q – Hymn of Valor [Empowerment Only]
  • Yuumi: Q – Prowling Projectile [Empowerment Only]

As you can see, all these abilities of the respective champions provide allies with some empowerment. For example, Ivern’s Bushmaker. When allies are in Ivern’s bush, they deal bonus magic damage on hit. With the changes in Patch 13.21, this bonus damage will be counted as Ivern’s damage, not the ally’s. Likewise, ally’s bonus damage from proc-ing the mark from Renata’s ‘Leverage’ will also count as Renata’s in the damage chart.

Spellthief Passive

If an ally deals bonus damage due to the aforementioned abilities’ enchantment, then it will also proc Spellthief passive if the support has it. So, some support will be able to complete the item quest even faster to upgrade it.

Kill Credit

Despite the enchantment damages being credited to the enchanters, it won’t give them the kill credit unless they deal the finishing blow themselves. This serves two purposes. One is that the enchanted ally gets the gold since they need it more than support in order to deal damage. And it doesn’t take away the credit of good positioning and mechanics for securing the kill. Imagine Yuumi getting even the kill credit simply by pressing buttons.

On a side note, Milio’s passive with Aery meant that the buffed ally would often lose kill credit. Because proc-ing Millio’s passive bonus damage meant that the aery would still fly off to the enemy. As a result, Milio was unintentionally killed by ‘stealing’ a lot. With this patch, the kill credit is retained by Ally even if Aery depletes the last HP.

In my opinion, these are really great changes to uplift the support players. I think this gives the support players the appropriate credit they are long overdue. Took them long enough to bring it. But at least they did.

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