EA Fc 24: How to Transfer FIFA Points

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: EA Romania, EA Vancouver

If you want to play EA FC 24 while playing FIFA 23 and don’t want to lose track of your progress, you may wish to transfer FIFA points to EA FC 24. We will show you how to transfer points in this guide.

EA FC 24 is the newest football video game after the reign of FIFA was over. You can experience the ultimate dream teams with all the most excellent and prominent players like Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, and 29 more. You get to learn tactical visions, play styles of different kinds to be the best player, obtain unique skills and abilities in EA FC 24.

Recently, and because the latest EA FC 24 has been released, the players of FIFA 23 have been eager to transfer their progress points to EA FC 24 and play this one with the Career Mode on. Moving points can be significant, as you wouldn’t want to lose your progress in FIFA 23. But it is a matter of thought if you could transfer your points to EA FC 24.

How to Transfer FIFA Points

You will be glad to know that EA FC 24 lets you transfer FIFA 23 points, but there will be some rules and regulations that you have to follow to do that. Keep in mind that you cannot reverse your actions of transferring FIFA 23 points to EA FC 24 after making the choices.

You must use a PC or Console but not the Web Apps to transfer the points. Also, wait till January 1, 2024, to transfer FIFA 23 Points to EA FC 24.

How to Transfer FIFA Points to EA FC 24
credit: inception fc (youtube)

To transfer FIFA points to EA FC 24, you may;

  1. Log in properly in your EA FC 24 on your PC or Console.
  2. After that, click on the Ultimate Team, Clubs, or VOLTA FOOTBALL, and a prompt will appear on your screen.
  3. The prompt will ask you about transferring your FIFA 23 points to EA FC 24 and show you three options. Choose any of the three according to your choice.

The three options from the pop-up prompt are;

  • Yes, I want to transfer and convert my Points balance from FIFA 23 to FC 24.
  • No, please leave my FIFA 23 Points balance untouched.
  • I am not sure at this point; please prompt me again later.

Use this simple process; your FIFA 23 points will be transferred to EA FC 24 via the website. Remember that you have to have the same type of Console to transfer points; for example, you cannot transfer points from Play Station FIFA 23 to Xbox Series X | S EA FC 24. The Consoles must always be the same.

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