Dying Light 2: How to Unlock All Endings

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There are a total of 4 major endings in Dying Light 2, including a secret ending. Keep reading to find out how you can unlock all of these endings. Caution: Spoilers ahead!

Dying Light 2: Stay Human starts off with Aiden’s journey of searching for his missing sister Mia. In the course of this journey, Aiden comes across a bunch of fateful encounters, even forming bonds with some of them. The choices you make throughout the course of the game will determine not only the fate of these people but also the fate of Villedor itself.

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Although there are actually 8 different variations of the endings you’ll get in Dying Light 2, they can be largely categorized into 4 categories: The best ending, the bad ending, the worst ending, and the secret ending. Apart from the fate of Villedor, the faction that rules Villedor in its aftermath also depends on whichever faction you sided with the most during your playthrough.

Major Revelations and Decisions

When you reach towards the end of the story, it is revealed that Mia is in fact not Aiden’s sister, but is actually Waltz’s daughter. In an attempt to cure Mia’s infection, Waltz has resorted to extreme lengths that will destroy the whole city.

As a result of wanting to run more tests in the X13 for Mia, a failsafe gets activated due to the power being back on and the missiles target all other GRE stations across Villedor. Aiden disagrees to let a whole city get wiped out for the sake of a single person, even if that person is Mia, and prepares to take down Waltz.

When the fight reaches its end, Mia barges in telling her father that it has gone too far and that she does not want a cure anymore. Then, as she goes on to hand over the GRE key to Aiden, Waltz slaps it out of her grasp – causing the GRE Key to fall into toxic chemicals and melt.

Mia loses consciousness, and Aiden is forced to work with Waltz to carry her all the way to the ventilator. Now, depending on whether or not you spared Hakon, he will come to the rescue. Here are all the key factors that decide what ending you’ll get:

  • Either Killing or Sparing Hakon
  • Giving the VNC Tower to either Frank or Jack Matt / Juan
  • Choosing to save either Mia or Lawan

There are a couple of things to be noted before we get to the endings and what you need to do to get them. Firstly, Mia is always supposed to die at the end, even if you choose to save her over Lawan. Secondly, Aiden will always leave Villedor at the end of the story. Depending on the choices you made throughout the game, either Hakon or Lawan will join you, or you’ll be all on your own.

The Best Ending in Dying Light 2

The best ending is of course to save Villedor from being wiped out. For that to happen, you need to let Lawan sacrifice herself and detonate the missiles. So when it comes to choosing whether to save Mia or Lawan, choose Mia. But let’s not just stop at that, as you also need to make sure that Lawan survives the ordeal in order to get the best ending. To do that, you need to keep Hakon alive until the end of the game by sparing his life.

The chemistry between Lawan and Aiden is solid, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities and dialogue exchanges to build your relationship with her. So, if you do aim for the romance route where they walk off into the sunset together, you need to side with the Survivors and give the VNC Tower to Frank during the Broadcast mission. The Survivors will take control of Villedor.

The Bad Ending in Dying Light 2

You could also call it a normal ending if you had been siding with the Peacekeepers from the start. This pretty much follows the exact same route as the best ending, except for the fact that the Peacekeepers take control of the city at the end due to your handing over the VNC Tower to Jack Matt or Juan. You spare Hakon’s life, so he saves Lawan in the end. Mia still dies, but at least the city is saved. However, neither Lawan nor Hakon joins you in the end.

The Worst Ending in Dying Light 2

The worst ending follows the exact opposite events of the best ending. Given that Hakon is dead, you try to be a hero and save Lawan on your own. As a result, the missiles hit Villedor and the city gets destroyed even after Mia’s inevitable death. So, letting the city get destroyed is an utterly pointless outcome. Given you sided with the Peacekeepers and handed the VNC Tower to Jack Matt or Juan, the Peacekeepers will take control of whatever’s left of Villedor. As a result, Lawan will not join you and you’ll leave Villedor alone.

The Secret Ending in Dying Light 2

Well, there is not much to be said about this ending as it is a combination of the best and worst endings. In order to achieve the secret ending, you will have to spare Hakon, as well as rush to save Lawan against her will while Hakon tends to Mia. As a result of saving Lawan, she fails to detonate the missiles in time and the city gets destroyed.

So, whether it be the Survivors or Peacekeepers who take control of the city doesn’t really matter anymore and is left to personal preference. Despite saving Lawan, she will refuse to join you. But you won’t be alone as Hakon will join you in your journey – keeping the promise you made with him towards the end of the Markers of Plague story quest.

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