Dying Light 2: All The Bandit Camps

Here is a list of all Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2.

Bandit Camps can be a great way to get loot in the game. However, clearing a bandit camp can be difficult because of the hostile Renegades reciting there. You can not only get loot by clearing a Bandit Camp, but you can also give them to the Faction that controls the area. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of all Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2.

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All Bandit Camps

There are four Bandit Camps in Dying light 2 scattered throughout the map. However, you won’t be able to get to them until you have got to a certain point in the story. Players will have to finish the “Raid” mission to find bandit camps across the game. To liberate a Bandit Camp, players will have to defeat Mini-Bosses along and Renegade soldiers in the camp.

After you capture and Liberate a Bandit Camp, it will function like a Windmill in Dying Light 2. Players will be able to rest, sleep and you will also be able to store your items. Defeating the Bandits will also give you loot, which will come in handy. Furthermore, below we have created a complete list of all bandit camps with their locations and the level you have to be to raid them.

Bandit CampLocationRecommended Level
Jack and Joe’s CampNorth of the Horseshoe district1
Downtown ThugsEast of the Downtown district3
Garrison HeightsSouthwest of the Garrison district 4
Heron RenegadosSoutheast corner of the Lower Dam Ayre6

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