Dying Light 2: All Factions and How To Gain Favors

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Gaining favors from Factions can be very important in Dying Light 2.

The game mechanics of Dying Light 2 allow you to work with different factions. You can choose to help out various factions by giving them critical intelligence or more resources. Your decision will impact the favorability of the factions towards you. Moreover, below we have created a complete guide on how to gain favors from each faction in Dying light 2.

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All The Factions in Dying Light 2


The Peacekeepers are a strictly disciplined, rigorous military bloc within the game. Their prowess and brutal means of city control instill fear in the general populace. In fact, they proudly believe that law and order are necessary to control areas.


The Survivors are an assortment of the ordinary citizenry trying to protect themselves through territorial usage. They pursue peace and want friendly relations but have significantly fewer resources than the other two factions.


The Renegades are beggars, moochers, and criminals who have burst out of prison during the apocalypse. Under the leader’s direction, they arm themselves with armor metal plates and carry blades to loot and wreak havoc in the city.

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How to Gain Favors from Each Faction

You will gain favors after handing control of installations, such as Water Tower and Electric Power Stations, to different factions. Depending on the faction you give it to, they will drop new gear in the situated town or change the city in a certain way. For example, if you give charge of the installations to the Peacekeepers, ‘The City’ will transform with additional traps like car bombs.

On the other hand, handing control to the Survivors means gaining additional traversal items like jump pads. Your alignment decisions and Factional betrayals will trigger storyline events such as character deaths of Factions, face-offs between different Factions, and what kind of favors you can gain from each faction in Dying Light 2.

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