Disney Dreamlight Valley: What is the level cap?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Disney Dreamlight Valley has magical rewards for you at each level. This guide will show you the max level cap in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventurous game where you can befriend all your favorite Disney and Pixar characters who will be NPCs in the game. You can even choose to be a character and customize your experience in Dreamlight Valley. To advance in the game, you must collect resources such as Star Coins, Moonstones, and other items.

There are various levels in the game. The levels can be upgraded easily in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But players also need to put some effort into completing the quests. Also, they can gradually upgrade their customization tools as they level up in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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What is the level cap in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The max level in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Level 30. You can gradually upgrade your level by completing quests and in other ways. To level up the cap to Level 30, you can;

Sell Items

You can level up quickly if you sell some items in the in-game shop.


You should also explore various places and fight against dark magic in the game. This will also help you level up.


You may also do fishing in the ponds in the game and catch fish. You can also sell these fish to level up.


You can also harvest various plants, including Pumpkins. You can plant seeds in your harvesting area and slowly have a garden. Gardening will also help you increase leveling up in the game.


You can also get Star Coins, Moonstones, Shards, etc. Getting these will also help you increase leveling up quickly in the game.

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