Disney Dreamlight Valley: How Long to Grow Crops

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Gameloft

Growing plants buying planting seeds in the garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley is different for different items. This guide will show you how long it takes to grow crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can make friends with various Disney characters and cook, grow crops, and even complete quests. You can also customize your character and look beautiful every time. However, you will have to spend Star Coins, a purchasing medium in the game, to buy various seeds to plant in your garden.

You must grow crops to complete quests, feed NPCs and gift them, and get points. Players will also be provided with different recipes in the game. There are other periods to grow different crops. So you have to be patient till they succeed.

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How Long To Grow Crops

There are various types of vegetables and other crops. And also, their growing period is different. You may follow the description below to see the crops growing time:

Grains & Crops Names Growth Time
Canola35 Minutes
Leek120 Minutes
Pumpkin35 Minutes
Potato240 Minutes
Lettuce3 Minutes
Wheat1 Minute
Carrot15 Minutes
Asparagus165 Minutes
Eggplant180 Minutes
Cucumber75 Minutes
Corn12 Minutes
Sugarcane7 Minutes
Tomato25 Minutes
Soya90 Minutes
Zucchini40 Minutes
Cotton25 Minutes
Chili Pepper45 Minutes
Rice50 Minutes
Spinach50 Minutes
Okra120 Minutes
Onion75 Minutes
Bell Pepper15 Minutes

These are the periods for each crop to grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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