Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Twitch Drops

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Twitch Drops are one of the excellent kinds of rewards that you can get from Twitch! This guide shows you all the Twitch Drops in Disney Dreamligth Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is not only an adventure game but also has life simulation experience in the game itself. Many Disney and Pixar characters are in this game’s magical valley. Players must remove Dark Magic in the enchanted valley, such as Night Thorns, with pure Magic and other resources.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can give your character certain features, construct a home for yourself, and prepare meals. NPCs in the Dreamlight Valley can be made friends with by players as well. You can prepare a variety of dishes using different recipes. The currency in the game, Star Coins, may also be used to cook, customize items, and buy new ones. To advance in the game, players must fulfill tasks. Also, the game has upgrades and cool new things like Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops are one kind of reward you can get if you watch the game’s live stream on Twitch! You must have a Twitch account, and then you have to connect this account with your Gameloft account. After that, players may have to watch multiple live streams to get the reward.

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All Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are a great way to get rewards quickly and will complete your cool item collection.

All Drops

All Twitch Drops are;

Twitch DropsWatch Time
Gamer Chair45 minutes
Gamer Laptop120 minutes
Gamer Mickey Ears Headband15 minutes
Comfy Gamer Hoodie180 minutes
Twitch Drops

How To Claim Twitch Drops

First, link your Twitch account with your Disney Dreamlight Valley gaming account to watch the live streams and get the rewards. After you log in, you may watch the live streams of Disney Dreamlight Valley on Twitch. You will have to watch multiple streamers to get all these Twitch Drops. Some of the live streamers are;

  • DrGluon
  • Eeowna
  • Gab Smolders
  • Gnu
  • Iron_Seagull
  • Lady_Brittany
  • Lilsimsie
  • MichelleTanina
  • MizunoSakura
  • AbdallahSmash
  • DaniDawnstar and much more

You must watch the live streamers from April 5 to 12 to get all the Twitch Drops. After reaching the Twitch Drops, you must visit the Twitch Drop Inventory Page and claim the rewards. And then, finally, the prizes will get mailed to your house.

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