Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking Recipe Guide — All 3-Star Meals And How To Make Them

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Cooking various recipes can bring many benefits to you in Dreamlight Valley, including cash and other rewards. In this guide, we will show you all the 3-star meals and how to make those.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the 2023 adventure game with life simulation where you can experience the dreamy Disney and Pixar characters. Here, you start as your favorite character and interact with the NPCs in the Dreamlight Valley to get ahead in your quests. Collect resources and craft items, and even cook different recipes in the game.

Of all the tasks, cooking different recipes can be fun in Deramlight Valley. You get to obtain various interesting items and, step by step, cook those to restore your character’s energy. You can even sell those cooked dishes to earn Money as well.

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All 3-Star Meals And How To Make Them

There are individual Recipe guides for five kinds of Star Meals;

  • All 1-Star Meals
  • All 2-Star Meals
  • All 3-Star Meals
  • All 4-Star Meals
  • All 5-Star Meals

And for the 3-Star-Meals in Dreamlight Valley, you can make;

  • Appetizers
  • Entrées
  • Desserts

All the recipes for the 3-Star-Meals are down below:


Recipe NameIngredients
Zucchini PuffsZucchini, Eggs, Cheese
Bell Pepper PuffsBell Pepper, Eggs, Cheese
Pumpkin PuffsPumpkin, Eggs, Cheese
Chilli Pepper PuffsChilis, Eggs, Cheese
Potato PuffsPotato, Eggs, Cheese
Onion PuffsOnion, Eggs, Cheese
Eggplant PuffsEggplant, Eggs, Cheese
PottagePotato, Any Vegetable, Any Herb
Grilled Veggie Platter3X Any Vegetable
MochaCoffee, Milk, Cocoa Beans


Recipe NameIngredients
Veggie PieAny Vegetable, Butter, Wheat
Veggie PastaTomato, Wheat, Any Vegetable
Vegetarian StewOnion, Carrot, Potato
Apple Cider Glazed SalmonSalmon, Apple, Sugarcane
Carp SaladCarp, Lettuce, Lemon
Cheesy Crispy Baked CodCod, Cheese, Wheat
Fish PieAny Fish, Wheat, Butter
Fish RisottoAny Fish, Rice, Butter
Fish SaladAny Fish, Lemon, Lettuce
Fish SoupAny Fish, Any Vegetable, Milk
Fish SteakAny Fish, Tomato, Basil
Fugu SushiFugu, Rice, Seaweed
Kappa MakiSeaweed, Cucumber, Rice
Hearty Salad2X Vegetables, Lettuce
Kronk’s Spinach PuffsSpinach, Cheese, Canola
MakiAny Fish, Seaweed, Rice
Lemon Garlic SwordfishSwordfish, Lemon, Garlic
Pan Seared Tilapia and VeggiesTilapia, 2X Any Vegetable
Pan Seared Bass and VeggiesBass, 2X Any Vegetable
OmeletEggs, Cheese, Milk
Sweet and Sour Kingfish SteakKingfish, Lemon, Sugarcane
Steam FuguFugu, Ginger, Garlic
Spicy Baked BreamBream, Chili Peppers, Butter
Spaghetti ArabiattaChili Pepper, Tomato, Wheat
PizzaTomato, Cheese, Wheat
Sake MakiSalmon, Rice, Seaweed
Seafood PastaAny Seafood, Wheat, Milk
Seafood PieAny Seafood, Wheat, Butter
Seafood SoupAny Seafood, 2X Any Vegetable
Seared Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout, Tomato, Onion
Simple Fried PerchPerch, Butter, Wheat
Porridge With FruitsMilk, Wheat, Any Fruit


Recipe NamesIngredients
Whimsicle PieWheat, Butter, Dreamlight Fruit
Apple Pie Apple, Wheat, Butter
Apple SorbetSlush Ice, Apple, Sugarcane
Banana PieBanana, Wheat, Butter
Blueberry PieBlueberry, Wheat, Butter
Cherry PieCherry, Wheat, Butter
Red Fruit PieAny Red Fruit (Raspberries, Cherries), Wheat, Butter
Gooseberry PieGooseberry, Wheat, Butter
My Hero CookieWheat, Any Sweet, Butter
BiscuitsWheat, Sugarcane, Butter
Gray StuffAny Dairy, Sugarcane, Cocoa Bean
Berry SaladRaspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry
Coconut Boba TeaMilk, Sugar Cane, Coconut
Gooseberry Boba TeaMilk, Sugar Cane, Gooseberries
Raspberry Boba TeaMilk, Sugar Cane, Raspberries
Dream Ice CreamSlush Ice, Milk. Dreamlight Fruit
Ice CreamSlush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane
PawpsicleSlush Ice, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
Sour Snow ConesSlush Ice, Lemon, Sugarcane
Hot CocoaMilk, Cocoa Beans, Sugar Cane
Mint Boba TeaMilk, Sugar Cane, Mint
Spring Chocolate Spring V-EGG-etable, Sugarcane, Cocoa Bean
Root BeerGinger, Sugar, Vanilla

Use the Recipe Button to get the Recipes. Open your Chests or Inventory to find the items needed for each Recipe.

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