Diablo Immortal: How To Find And Upgrade Legendary Gems

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Here is how to find and upgrade Gems in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal lets you customize your character in every way you like. Starting from abilities and gear, you can change all items for your character. Moreover, in this RPG game by Blizzard, Legendary Gems can be one of the most critical items in the entire game.

In fact, players can also further upgrade these Gems to give their characters a more significant boost. Finding these gems in the game and upgrading them can be tricky. So below, we have made a complete guide on how to find and Upgrade Legendary Gems.

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How Find And Upgrade To Get Legendary Gems

Gems can be vital in the game as they can give your character a significant rise in the skills and abilities of your character. However, at any given time, you can have a maximum number of six legendary Gems. They have three separate classes, 1 Star, 2 Star, and lastly, 5 Star, which is the rarest and most challenging to find.

How to Find Legendary Gems

You can get Legendary Gems by completing Elder Rifts which give out legendary or rare crests. These crests have a high chance of having items such as legendary gems or runes. The legendary crests are guaranteed to have at least one of these gems. At the same time, the rare crests have a slight chance of having the gems.

The legendary crests guarantee a legendary gem but do not guarantee which class of gem you will get. A 5-star gem is rare to find, even in these crests. The rare crests give you a chance of finding 1-star or 2-star gems but no 5-star ones. You can keep replaying these Elder Rifts dungeons to farm rewards.

You can also get them from the in-game shop or go to the Apprentice Jeweler and craft these gems using Runes and Platinum. Players can prepare 1-star and 2-Star Legendary Gems directly at the Jeweler or craft a random Legendary Gem for a chance of gaining a 5-Star Legendary Gem. Using Platinum as the currency, you can also use the Marketplace to buy or sell legendary gems from other players.

Diablo Immortal
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

Another way would be using Fading Ember at the Fading Ember Merchant to purchase selected 1-star and 2-Star Legendary Gems as the merchant’s stock changes weekly. Lastly, you can also use the battle pass in the game to obtain these gems.

How To Upgrade Legendary Gems

With the gems having different classes, you can upgrade these to boost their abilities further, as mentioned above. Head over to the Apprentice Jeweler at Seril in Westmarch to upgrade them. Upgrading the gems by increasing their rank will increase their resonance, combat rating, damage multiplier, and other attributes.

Players can upgrade Legendary Gems to a maximum of rank 10. At each rank, your gem will receive some additional bonus depending on the type of gem you are upgrading. In fact, you can use them to get a Legendary item, which grants different effects depending on the Legendary item you unlock.

While you don’t require any Runes or Eternal Orbs to rank them up, you must first find the same gems you want to upgrade. Along with that, you also need a Gem power resource to complete this process, which can be earned from breaking down unnecessary legendary gems. The more powerful the gem and the higher the rank, the more copies of the gem and gem power are needed to upgrade.

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