Diablo Immortal: How To Create & Join A Clan

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Clans in Diablo Immortal can create such a significant difference as when you will fall into any danger; your clan people will come in handy as they will come to rescue you. This guide will tell you how to create and join a clan.

Diablo Immortal is an MMOARPG game where you can fight with demons and become the ultimate demon hunter. Moreover, you can choose your clan and character as you like in the game, which is an excellent option in this game.

Playing in a clan is more fun rather than playing alone. This is because a clan can help you defeat a strong enemy, and also, if you stay in a clan, playing would become more fun as all of your friends are going to play along with you.

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How To Create A Clan in Diablo Immortal

To join your clan, you need to create one! You may follow the steps below to create your very own clan:


You must upgrade your gameplay as quickly as possible to unlock the Clan feature in Diablo Immortal. But, there is also a limit. You must reach level 30 first and gather resources like platinum. And only after reaching level 30, you will be able to unlock the Clan feature.

Clan Creating Options

After upgrading, you should:

  1. Click on the Main Menu
  2. Tap on Create Clan
  3. Put the details such as Clan name and all
  4. And you can customize your Clan outro, intro, and the people you want in your clan.
  5. Finally, save this setting.

If you systematically follow the above rules, you can hang out and fight enemies in your clan in seconds!

Diablo Immortal: How to Create & Join a Clan
Credit: Gamers Heroes ( YT )

How To Join Clan in Diablo Immortal

You can use another player’s clan if you don’t want to take the hassle.

To join a Clan, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Main Menu
  2. Click on Clans
  3. Choose any Clan you like
  4. Click on Apply to your preferred clan
  5. Now patiently wait for the Clan master to accept your request

After the Clan master takes your request, you automatically join the clan.

Best of luck at creating your very own clan!!

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