Diablo 4: How to Respec Skills

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Blizzard Team 3 & Blizzard Albany

With the Respec feature in Diablo 4, you can mix and match your Skills and go forward in your gameplay. This guide will show you how to Respec skills in Diablo 4.

The world of Sanctuary is on the brink of destruction once again, as the forces of darkness have returned in Diablo 4. From the depths of hell itself, the demon lords seek to claim the mortal realm and enslave all who inhabit it. But amidst the chaos and despair, a glimmer of hope remains. Brave new and old heroes have risen to the call and stand ready to face the challenges.

Diablo 4 takes players on an epic journey through a dark and foreboding world filled with treacherous landscapes, menacing creatures, and ancient evils. With a renewed focus on storytelling, players will experience a tale of betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption as they uncover the mysteries behind the demonic invasion and the fate of Sanctuary itself. Not only Skills, you will also have to complete Skill Tree, and they can also Respec easily in the game.

Respec refers to resetting a character’s skill points and talent selections, allowing players to reallocate them to different skills and abilities. This allows players to experiment with different builds and playstyles without starting a new character from scratch. It’s important to note that respeccing may come at a cost, such as Gold or special items, depending on how the system is implemented in the game.

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How to Respec Skills

To Respec skills, you may follow the steps below:

  • To do Respec, you must unlock your Skill (the very first one)
  • And players will also have to reach Level 2 to Respec
  • Press Shift+S to see your Skill Tree
  • Scroll down to see an option on the screen Refund All.
  • Click on Refund All, and you can Respec your skills.

If you follow this procedure, you can Respec all the skills you have gained in the past. And then you will have to work harder to gain those Skills from the beginning, which can be hectic and tiring. Instead, you can right-click your mouse on your chosen Skill and Respec it in the same way so that only your chosen Skill gets changed and not all. If you choose to Respec fully, your Ranks will also change.

But remember, you will need more Gold as you progress through the game, and as you level up, you can Respec freely. For example, you can Respec easily if you are on Level 15. And then afterward, you will need more Gold to Respec.

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