Demand for Epic Games Store’s free copy of GTA V has led the whole server to crash

Epic wasn't ready for the demand of GTA V

Epic Games Store has finally hit it out of the park with the free games that they giveaway every week.

GTA V which is by far one of the most commercially successful video games of all time is now available for free to download now and own forever only on the Epic Games Store. However, it seems that even Epic wasn’t expecting the number of people flocking to the store to claim their own copy of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V Epic store
Image Credit: Rockstar Games

As demand for the free copy of GTA V skyrocketed, unable to handle all the visitors, Epic Games Store servers are all down right now for the majority of people. It came as a surprise to no one since GTA V is still one of the most popular games on Steam.

Even though GTA V’s initial release was back in 2013 on the older generation consoles, with the introduction of GTA online paired with constant content updates, this open-world title still has a healthy player base that enjoys the game in all its glory.

GTA V is still one of Rockstar’s flagship product as it still brings in a ton of money every year with their games as a service policy. No one ever imagined that Rockstar Games would actually giveaway free copies of the game. Somehow Epic Games convinced Rockstar with some deal that they couldn’t refuse.


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