Riot Delays Vanguard Deployment To League of Legends Patch 14.5

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Vanguard will be coming to League of Legends much later than expected.

Cheating is a major issue in most video games, particularly online ones. League of Legends, being one of the biggest online titles in the world, has its fair share of cheaters. But, compared to most other online titles, it has fewer instances of cheating.

However, since last year, instances of cheating in League of Legends have increased dramatically. The reasoning behind it is the social engineering attack Riot experienced in January of 2023. The attack led to both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics‘ source code being stolen.

Thus resulting in more cheating tools being created for the game and overall giving rise to more cheaters. To counteract these cheaters, Riot announced that they would be updating the Anti-Cheat system for League of Legends. They would be replacing the current Anti-Cheat system with Riot’s proprietary Anti-Cheat called Vanguard.

The new Anti-Cheat was supposed to arrive in Patch 14.4, but due to some technical issues, it will be arriving in a patch later.

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Riot Delays Vanguard

In the latest Patch 14.3, Patch Notes Riot announced that they would be delaying the deployment of Vanguard to League of Legends by one Patch.

According to Riot, there had been a feature planned for Patch 14.2 that allowed players to run a diagnostics check to see if their computer was ready for this update. However, due to some critical bugs with the client pop-up, the feature was delayed to Patch 14.3. This also led to a delay in the implementation of Vanguard from Patch 14.4 to 14.5.

That said, starting Patch 14.3, players will be able to check if their system is compatible with Vanguard. Players can easily check it by clicking on the settings icon on the top right and pressing “Check for Compatibility” under the General tab.

Players who have incompatible systems are suggested to check Riot’s troubleshooting guide or reach out to Player Support.

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