Only Default Characters will be Playable During the Upcoming Server Maintenance Period in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn just made an announcement that server maintenance is coming very soon in Apex Legends, and it will apparently only let players pick default characters.

Since some players always post nostalgic posts regarding the early days of Apex when only the default characters were available, and there was no Horizon or Crypto Ultimate to worry about, this might be their only chance to experience that all over again.

In short, we are going back to season 0 of Apex Legends during the server maintenance period. According to Respawn, this whole maintenance period will last around 3 hours, starting at 2:30 AM PT on 2/25 and ending at 5:30 AM PT on 2/25.

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Back to Season Zero?

The announcement actually made some ‘OG’ Apex fans really happy, as they will be able to relive those early days all over again. Additionally, cosmetic unlocks, inventory, and in-game stores will also be unavailable during the same time period.

Respawn might be making some massive changes from the inside, as this is probably the first time players won’t be able to use any other character apart from default characters in Apex since its release back in 2019.

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Think of it as a limited-time game mode that will take you on a trip down memory lane. Everything should go back to normal after the server maintenance period ends.

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