Deathverse: Let It Die – All Trophies And How To Get Them

Here is a complete list of all the PlayStation Trophies you can get in Deathverse: Let It Die.

Set in the same universe as Let it Die, Deathverse is a brand new survival action battle royale game that takes place hundreds of years after the first game’s events. You get to play as one of the sixteen contestants on a deadly reality television show called Death Jamboree, where you must kill all the other participants to be the last man standing.

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With the help of your robot companion, Wilson, you must navigate through the uninhabited desert island to defend yourself against and kill all the other contestants in a P2P setting. You will be given powerful melee weapons like Hammer, Machete, Buzzsaw, Arms, and Katana – which is Uncle Death’s favorite weapon. You can also collect the right materials to craft more powerful versions of your weapons.

Since it is a Battle Royale, the arena will continue to get increasingly contaminated by a mysterious element named SPLithium. The fighting area will grow smaller as time passes, forcing you inside a safe zone. Staying outside the safe zone will lead to your demise. It is possible to even win the game without killing anyone. So, you must always be alert and ensure your own safety first.

Other than the contestants out there to kill you, you will also have to be on the lookout for Killer Cryptids and Hunters that roam the area with murderous intent. Hunter M, Hunter G, and Hunter Q, who will be introduced in the game’s first season, have different abilities, so you must devise strategies that work for each hunter.

You can also improve your Killer build with the help of Mushrooms and Sub-skills to modify and upgrade your abilities and skills. This will significantly improve your chances of survival. Moreover, you can use flashy finisher moves on your opponents to earn the audience’s favor and Good Points (GP), increasing your Voltage (health) and attack power.

Of course, all of the PlayStation trophies of this game are tied to each of the things we just mentioned. So, if you’re planning on obtaining all the trophies in Deathverse: Let It Die, here is exactly what you need to do.

All PlayStation Trophies In Deathverse: Let It Die

There are a total of 12 trophies you can earn in Deathverse: Let It Die. Among them, 7 are Bronze trophies, 4 are Silver trophies, and 1 is a Gold trophy. Sadly, this game has no platinum trophies. Below are all the PlayStation trophies you can get in Deathverse: Let It Die and their requirements.

Trophy NameHow to UnlockTrophy Type
FIRST JOBAchieved your first glory.Bronze
VETERAN CRAFTSMANCrafted 10 weapons.Bronze
CHALLENGERMade 100 successful challenges.Bronze
TITLE COLLECTORAwarded 30 titles.Bronze
EXTERMINATORKilled a cryptid and earned 10,000 GP.Bronze
ONE-HIT WONDERWowed the audience with over 10,000 GP in a single match.Bronze
CHICKEN OF CHICKENSAchieved second place or better without killing anyone.Bronze
COMPLETORAchieved Season Level 100.Silver
SUPERSTARBecame a superstar with 1,000,000 cumulative GP.Silver
JOB WELL DONETriumphed while taking less than 1,000 damage.Silver
LEGENDARY PLAYERDefeated 100 opponents.Silver
KING OF KINGSAchieved glory 100 times.Gold
Deathverse: Let It Die PlayStation Trophies

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