Valkyrie Elysium: All Trophies And How To Get Them

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Here is a complete list of all the Trophies you can get in Valkyrie Elysium.

Valkyre Elysium is another Playstation exclusive joining the long list of impressive exclusives. Valkyrie Elysium is a whole new JRPG where you can go ham on your enemies with the power of a Valkyrie inside you. Inside the game, you will have to play a role of a Valkyrie who has to take the responsibility of saving the world on her shoulders.

This game brings new and fun challenges you can do, and along with the challenges, you will also be able to collect trophies. First, however, if you are wondering how many trophies there are in the game and how to get them. Below we have made a complete guide on getting all the trophies inside Valkyrie Elysium.

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All Trophies In Valkyrie Elysium

You can do different activities in Valkyrie, like finding weapons, defeating bosses, and more. Each of these tasks is fun and helps you explore the world of Valkyrie. In fact, upon collecting all the weapons or collectibles and doing certain tasks, you can unlock a trophy. Moreover, there are around 46 Trophies you can unlock inside the game. These 46 Trophies are divided among 32 Bronze, 10 Silver, 3 Gold, and 1 Platinum. You can check out the complete breakdown below:

Playstation Trophies

Trophy NameHow to UnlockType of Trophy
CreatorObtained every trophy.Platinum
Twilight of the Great WolfDefeated Fenrir.Gold
Savior of the DeadCompleted all subquests.Gold
High-Tier GodCompleted the game on Hard difficulty.Gold
Twilight of the All-FatherDefeated Odin.Silver(Secret)
The All-Father’s Right HandObtained “S” rank on every quest.Silver
Beyond ReminiscenceObtained every Hollow Blossom.Silver
Truth of the GodsObtained every Verdant Blossom.Silver (Secret)
Weapons CollectorObtained every weapon.Silver
Arts MasterLearned every Divine Art.Silver
Skill MasterLearned all of Valkyrie’s skills.Silver
Commanding MasterLearned every Einherjar attack and their normal attacks.Silver
Fellowship of SoulsUnlocked all Einherjar memories.Silver
Mid-Tier GodCompleted the game on Normal difficulty.Silver
Divinity AnewCompleted the tutorial.Bronze
Valkyrie, Claimer of SoulsCompleted Chapter 1.Bronze
Champions of the DivineCompleted Chapter 2.Bronze
An Unexpected ReunionCompleted Chapter 3.Bronze
Victims of the GodsCompleted Chapter 4.Bronze
Those Offered the Hand of SalvationCompleted Chapter 5.Bronze
Evil ArisesCompleted Chapter 6.Bronze
Metamorphosis & DoubtCompleted Chapter 7.Bronze
The Truth UnmaskedCompleted Chapter 8.Bronze
The Fate of the WorldCompleted Chapter 9.Bronze
A Momentary EscapeAgreed to Armand’s offer.Bronze (Secret)
Unbound PossibilitiesCompleted every ending.Bronze
Talk of the DeadCompleted a subquest.Bronze
Icon of the DeadCompleted 10 subquests.Bronze
Superstar of the DeadCompleted 20 subquests.Bronze
A Loyal ServantObtained “S” rank on a quest.Bronze
An Impure SoulPurified a monster.Bronze
An Impure BeastPurified a Naglfar.Bronze
Combo MasterRaised the Combo Gauge to 300 Hits.Bronze
PitfallPurified a monster by pushing them into a hole or off a cliff.Bronze
Lightning StrikeDefeated two monsters with a single Lightning Bolt.Bronze
Soul BurstLanded a Soul Burst Level 3 attack.Bronze
Soul StealLanded a Soul Steal in midair.Bronze
Nibelung ValestiLanded a Nibelung Valesti I attack.Bronze
Vestige of a SoulObtained a Hollow Blossom.Bronze
A Mysterious FlowerObtained a Verdant Blossom.Bronze
Rune NoviceObtained a rune.Bronze
Anvil MasterUpgraded every weapon to its full potential.Bronze
Weapons MasterReached SSS proficiency with every weapon.Bronze
ElysiumaniaUnlocked all terms.Bronze
Affinity of a SoulUnlocked an Einherjar memory.Bronze

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