Dead Island 2: Landscaper’s Key – Eddie’s Toolbox

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Dead Island 2: Landscaper's Key - Eddie's Toolbox

You might want to know how to open Eddie’s Toolbox and where to get the Landscaper’s Key.

The key to success in Dead Island 2 is not just cracking those good-for-nothing skulls in a vicious manner. You will also need to collect as much loot as possible. And what’s the best way to get that loot? Locked containers, of course!

But don’t expect to get your hands on everything right away. You’ll have to jump through some hoops to find the Landscaper’s Key. We will need this to open up both Eddie’s Toolbox and another box outside Emma Jaunt’s mansion. However, don’t even bother trying to find the key right off the bat–you’ll have to progress through the story a bit first. Let’s get you through this real quick.

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Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Landscaper's Key Eddie's Toolbox
Loot is in Emma Jaunt’s mansion || Credit:

Eddie’s ToToolboxontains loots. What are these, you ask? Let’s keep it classified for a moment.

So, this elusive loot container is perched on a truck. Head to the easternmost driveway of Emma Jaunt’s mansion in the luxurious Bel-Air. And from the Fast Travel Point of the mansion, take the stairs, pass by Curtis, take a right, and there you go. The truck is just ahead on the left.

However, the Toolbox is locked, which requires the Landscaper’s Keys. Don’t bother scouring the area. We have millions of miles to before we sleep, as you can get this key by slaying down a certain undead. However, this particular creature seems to have a flair for drama and will only make an appearance after you’ve worked your way through on the latter part of the game.

How to Get the Landscaper’s Key

Dead Island 2 Landscaper's Key Eddie's Toolbox
The Landscaper’s Key is in Colt Swanson’s mansion || Credit:

The Landscaper’s Key is carried by a zombie called Green Thumb Eddie. However, this zombie won’t spawn until you’ve completed the 20th main story quest Boardwalking Dead, where you take on Butcho the Clown, an Apex variant. This quest is available on Santa Monica Pier.

Once you’ve completed this quest, head to Colt Swanson’s mansion, located west of Access Road 782 in Bel Air. For those unfamiliar with the area, Colt Swanson’s mansion is the first building you’ll explore when you visit Bel Air at the start of the game.

Now, fast travel to Emma Jaunt’s mansion, then head out through the main front door, jump over the gate straight ahead, cross the road, and follow the steps up to the mansion. Green Thumb Eddie will be loitering by the pool at the back of the mansion.

How to Kill Green Thumb Eddie

Dead Island 2 Landscaper's Key Eddie's Toolbox
Green Thumb Eddie (Apex Variant)

Do Not underestimate him. This guy’s an Apex variant Butcher, which means he’s not only incredibly strong, but he can also regenerate health by chowing down on corpses, just like the Clown Butcher.

So, if you want to take him down, you need to be aggressive and keep under constant pressure. Take a hit or two in order to dish out some damage if necessary. Moreover, aim for the legs for some critical hits. And most importantly, do not lose his sight. He will be down easily.

Once you finally bring him down to his knees, loot his corpse to claim your prize. Grab the keys and head back to Emma’s. Fast forward, open up the box, and you will get a high-performance Superior gun matched with your level. And yes, it is randomized for everyone.

And that is all I had in stash for the Eddie’s Toolbox and the Landscaper’s Key in Dead Island 2. Also, check out all the playable characters, and all the trophies and achievements in Dead Island 2.

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