Dead Island 2: All Playable Characters

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Dead Island 2 Characters

Learn everything about the characters you are gonna meet in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the 2011 hit Dead Island, and it’s set to take the zombie apocalypse to sunny California this time. As a survivor, you’ll have to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and avoid getting chomped on by the zombies. The open-world map is massive and filled with hazards and challenges, so you’ll need to stay on your toes to survive.

Despite the game’s up-and-down development history, with multiple delays and changes in development studios, fans of the zombie genre are still eagerly awaiting its release. The game will feature a brand-new storyline, and players can expect to explore a vibrant and diverse world that ranges from dense cityscapes to idyllic beaches.

But what about the characters? Well, Dead Island 2 is introducing Six new playable characters, each with their own unique personality, backstory, and dialogue. These cool young slayers bring a fresh, youthful feel to the series and come with a unique set of stats and skills. Choosing the right slayer character in Dead Island 2 to match your RPG gameplay style will be crucial to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Let’s learn more about them.

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Dead Island 2 Characters


Dead Island 2 Characters Amy
if you need strength, you need Amy

Amy hails from Los Angeles and has experienced firsthand the devastating effects of the zombie outbreak. Her background as a former athlete has instilled in her a strong will to survive and a competitive edge. That makes her a valuable asset in dire situations.

Being a Paralympic athlete, it’s no surprise that Amy possesses exceptional stamina. That eventually makes her ideal for players who like to move around to disrupt the hordes and pick off enemies once isolated.

She has two innate abilities that enhance her fighting skills. The first one, Relief Pitcher, allows her to regenerate energy every time she successfully throws a weapon. Her second ability, Divide & Conquer, offers a damage boost when attacking a zombie who strayed from the crowd.


Dead Island 2 Characters Bruno
We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, Bruno is intimately familiar with the terrain and uses this knowledge to his advantage when sneaking around and taking down zombies undetected.

His Backstab ability is particularly useful for players who enjoy a more strategic approach to combat, as it allows them to take down enemies from behind with greater ease. In addition, his Rapid Reprisal skill makes him a formidable opponent in close combat, as he can quickly dodge or block attacks and retaliate with swift and powerful strikes.


Dead Island 2 Characters Carla
if you don’t wanna sweat, you need Carla

Carla is the epitome of a risk-taker and adventure-seeker, making her the perfect choice for players who want to live dangerously in Dead Island 2. She’s also strategic and tactical, carefully weighing risks and rewards. As a stunt motorcyclist before the outbreak, Carla is no stranger to danger and is always one step away from the brink of death, giving her an edge when facing the undead.

Her innate skill, Dig Deep, showcases Carla’s toughness and resilience, providing a moderate boost when her health is critical. This, coupled with her Mosh Pit ability, which offers a minor damage boost when surrounded by zombies, makes Carla an excellent choice for players who like to take on hordes of the undead head-on.


Dead Island 2 Characters Dani
Dani is the Irish roller derby star.

The Irish roller derby star, Dani, is in Dead Island 2. She has an attitude as colorful as her hair and is always ready to take on hordes of zombies. Her aggressive nature and skills make her a great choice for players who prefer a head-on fight with the undead. She’s not afraid to get up close and personal with her enemies, delivering devastating attacks and triggering explosive reactions.

Her Bloodlust skill allows her to regain health when she takes out multiple zombies one after another, while her Thunderstruck ability triggers a forceful explosion during heavy attacks.


Dead Island 2 Characters Jacob
Jacob is An antihero with rockstar flair.

Jacob’s passion for the classics is not limited to quotes. His admiration for classic cars is reflected in his choice of wheels, a cherry-red 1960s Mustang, which is as bold and daring as Jacob himself. Jacob’s affinity for stunts and his flashy car make him a perfect fit for players who like adding flair to their zombie-killing style.

Despite his risky career choice, Jacob is fearless in fighting zombies. His innate skill, Feral, increases his damage output as he quickly attacks multiple zombies. Additionally, when Jacob’s stamina is low, he receives a boost to critical damage by using Critical Gains, and his successful critical hits recharge his stamina.


Dead Island 2 Characters Ryan
Ryan, the star of “The Big Hose.”

Originally from Fresno, Ryan gained notoriety as an exotic dancer in LA. Despite his career choice, Ryan has a softer side and remains close with his younger brother, whom he cared for after their parents passed away. With the outbreak in full swing, Ryan is on a mission to find his brother and keep him safe amidst the chaos.

While he may have the skills and tools to put out fires, this hunky muscleman has some impressive moves that come in handy when taking on hordes of zombies. Ryan’s Innate Skill, Retaliation, gives him a force boost when he uses a block or dodges to evade an attack. Additionally, Ryan’s Seesaw skill allows him to regenerate health whenever he takes down a zombie.

And that is all I had in stash for the characters you can play with in Dead Island 2, up until next time.

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