Dead Island 2 Achievements: All Trophies & Achievements List

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Dead Island 2 Achievements: All Trophies & Achievements List

Learn about all the Achievements and Trophies of Dead Island 2, coming on the 21st of April.

Are we back from the dead (island)? It’s Dead Island 2, the long-awaited sequel to the zombie-slaying hit game that first graced our screens back in 2011. After years of delays, development turmoil, and more teasers than we can count, this game seems ready to rise from the grave and debut on April 21st, 2023.

But what can we expect from Dead Island 2, you might ask? Developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, Dead Island 2 promises to take players on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a post-apocalyptic California, where the undead roam free, and survival is the ultimate goal. You’ll once again find yourself trapped in a tropical paradise teeming with brain-hungry zombies, armed with an arsenal of weapons and the power of sheer will.

With new characters, improved graphics, and even more intense gameplay, this game is sure to be a hit among both veteran fans and newcomers to the series. So, pack your bags, grab your weapons, and get ready to join the fight for survival as you navigate through a world filled with danger and uncertainty. Before that, I would like to introduce you to all the Trophies & Achievements List you will strive to achieve. Hop in!

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All Trophies and Achievements in Dead Island 2

Let’s go through the trophy cabinet of Dead Island 2:

A Patton EmergesSurvive the Metro system and get to Hollywood Boulevard.
Anger ManagementSlay 50 zombies with Fury Attacks.
Apex PredatorKnockdown 10 Apex Variants.
But Doctor, I am ButchoSlay a killer clown and get your blood sample back to Dr. Reed.
Break a LegMaim 100 limbs.
Can’t Handle the TruthLearn the truth about what you are as dark secrets are revealed.
Coup de GrâceSlay 25 zombies using finishing moves.
Donk!Throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away.
Down with the SicknessReach the highest tier of Autophage infection by equipping Autophage Skills.
Dr Reed, I Presume?Survive the many perils of Venice Beach and meet Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel.
Friends Like TheseEncounter a mysterious… benefactor? Well, that’s what she’d called herself, anyway.
Git Gutte!Join forces with Sam B and get your hands on some firepower.
Gore HorseHelp an artist to complete their greatest artwork
Go, Bobcats!Reunite all the VCLA Bobcats
Hazardous MaterialsSlay 100 zombies using Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage.
Hotel CaliforniaFight through the Halperin Hotel and make contact with the authorities.
Humanity DistilledEquip your first Numen Skill Card.
I Am the ResurrectionRevive other Slayers 5 times.
I Got a Zombie Army, and You Can’t Harm MePerform 25 perfect defen
Internet FamousComplete Amanda’s Clickbait quests
Jumbo KeyringUnlock 10 Lockboxes.
LA InfluentialComplete 40 non-Story Quests
Like Riding a BikeFind Patton and convince him to fly you out of Hell-A.
Making Your MarkComplete 10 non-Story Quests
Make It SoHelp Sarah and Sebastian light a beacon of hope
Max HeadroomReach Level 30
Northern Expedition Devinder OutfitOutfit reward.
Not Even My Final FormSlay a Mutator before it transforms.
Ooh, Shiny!Find your first Legendary Weapon.
On SafariComplete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge.
Our True NatureGive up your chance to be human again.
Perks of the JobComplete 5 Blueprint Challenges.
Personal Assistant Personally AssistedTrack down Michael and rescue him from the Terror at Monarch Studios.
Rising StarComplete 20 non-Story Quests
SmorgasbordComplete the first tier of every Exploration Challenge.
Sharpest Tool in the BoxComplete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests
Sole SurvivorComplete 9 Lost & Found Missing Person Quests
Stacking the DeckCollect 30 Skill Cards.
Survival SkillsComplete the first tier of every Survival Challenge.
This is My WeaponFully upgrade a Superior weapon and customize it with a mod or perk in every slot
Variety is the Spice of DeathComplete the first tier of every Weapon Cha
Welcome to Hell-ASurvive a plane crash, get bitten, and create your first Zombie-Free zone.
Who Do You Voodoo?Complete all the Achievements
Zombicidal ManiacComplete the first tier of every Combat Challenge.
ZombologistUnlock every zombie type in the Zompedia.

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