Dead Island 2: How To Change Active Quest

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Dead Island 2: How To Change Active Quest

Follow these quick steps to change your active quest in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is stashed with plenty of main quests to complete and side quests to discover. And by plenty, I mean, there is quite a lot. Now, there will be players really need to skip the side quests. However, there will also be others that may find them just as interesting as the main story.

Well, there are also cases when you might accidentally start a side quest and lose track of your main objective. That’s where knowing how to switch quests can come in handy. However, the in-game mechanics does not provide clear instructions on how to switch quests. Nevertheless, it is actually quite simple.

Before going into that, keep in mind that completing side quests can reward you with valuable loot and experience points. Moreover, some side quests may even offer clues or information that can aid you in your main quest. Now, let’s dive into the depth of Ashina.

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How to Change Active Quest in Dead Island 2?

To change quests in Dead Island 2, all you have to do is head to the Player Menu. From there, go to the Quests tab. Now, choose any unlocked quest you want to track. Your markers and objectives will switch accordingly to that new choice. This way, you can avoid getting sidetracked and complete your main task with ease. Moreover, if you’re feeling a little burnt out on the main story, you can always switch to a side quest to stretch out a bit.

Keep note that some of the quests are crucial for accessing all areas of the map and proceeding further in the story. Without doing so, you’ll be stuck battling those zombies for what feels like an eternity.

Dead Island 2: How To Change Active Quest

Furthermore, and I believe I’ve already mentioned, completing these side quests also increases your chances of unlocking special Weapon Mods and collectibles. And I guess you have already noticed those little extra cutscenes and dialogues that come up with these side quests. Needless to say, these add extra flavor to the game.

And if you want to earn all of the Dead Island 2 blueprints and collectibles, you have no other options but to go through them all. So, equip your characters with the baddest skills, gear up your weapons, and dive headfirst into Hell-A.

And that is all I had in stash for how to change the active quest in Dead Island 2. Also, check out all the playable characters and all the trophies and achievements in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: How To Change Active Quest
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