Dead Island 2: Where To Find Curtis’ Valuables Safe & Key

Tanim Hasan
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Curtis Sinclair has a few different quests in Dead Island 2. However, he has a side quest you can discover and open his valuable safe. Here is how you can do it in the game.

Dead Island 2 has many quests where you need a key to open a door or vault. So finding keys will be a regular task when you are playing the game. Curtis’ valuable safe is no exception. You will need a special key to open this safe. However, how you can obtain the key in the game is not always clear.

Curtis’ valuable safe is a safe you can find in his mansion. This is related to a side quest you can get from Curtis himself. But there are a few more conditions you will have to fill in if you want to get your hands on the key to open his valuables safe. Here is how to find Curtis’ valuables safe key in Dead Island 2.

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Curtis’ Valuables Safe & Key Location in Dead Island 2

Curtis’ valuables safe key can be accessed with a side quest you can from him. The quest is called Death of the Outsider. You will get this quest by clearing out Curtis’ house in the Bell-Air region. Accept that quest and keep it in your journal. You cannot open the safe to complete this until you have reached a certain point in the main quest.

Now, progress the main quest until you complete the Justifiable Zombicide. In this quest, you will encounter a Screamer-type zombie, the trigger we are looking for to complete the side quest from Curtis. After you are done with this main quest, go back to Curtis’ mansion and search around the house for a screamer named Crystal the Lawyer.

Defeating this named zombie will drop you the key to his safe. Now you can open up the garage to access the safe and open it to claim your reward as well as complete the side quest given bu Curtis Sinclair.

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