Dead Island 2: All Voice Actors

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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The Voice Actors in Dead Island 2 showcase all the characters’ backgrounds and stories through their voice, making the game exciting. This guide will show you all Voice Actors in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is the latest game of the old Dead Island series. It is mainly an action game where you can role-play with your chosen character. You will encounter a stronger Zombie Outbreak in Dead Island 2. Players will get their weapons and gear to survive and fight the undead creatures.

Dead Island 2 is based on the cities named San Fransisco and Los Angeles. You can craft various items in the game, and weapons can be upgraded occasionally. Players will get the chance to choose their characters, and also there will be NPCs to communicate with.

There are different Voice Actors for the other characters. All these Voice Actors have contributed together to make the game exciting and thrilling for the players to play. Voice Actors are crucial for making Dead Island 2’s story come alive.

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All Voice Actors

All the Voice Actors’ names are down below:

  • Skye Bennett – Amy
  • Michelle Fox – Dani
  • Okezie Morro – Jacob
  • Carolina Ravassa – Carla
  • Ronan Summers – Ryan
  • Jennifer Armour – Janet
  • Joanne McCallin – Roxanne
  • Derek Siow – Alex

These all are the Voice Actors of Dead Island 2. And the first five are the playable characters, Voice Actors. And the last three are the non-playable characters, Voice Actors. All of them are the confirmed Voice Actors from the game’s developer.

There are a few unconfirmed Voice Actors for Dead Island 2, but it can not yet be confirmed if the other Voice Actors who are still unconfirmed will participate. It may just be a rumor, who knows?

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