Dead Island 2: All Apex Zombie types

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Apex Zombie Dead Island 2

Check out all the Apex Zombie in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is an open-world banger that is set in Los Angeles. Take on the role of a Slayer amidst a zombie outbreak that has turned LA into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Utilize your combat skills and improvisation to fight your way through the streets of “Hell-A” and find higher ground to survive day-to-day.

The open-world setting takes players on a tour of the city’s once-glamorous landmarks, now covered in blood and gore. From the gated communities of Bel Air to the sandy beaches of Venice and the star-studded streets of Hollywood, Dead Island 2 has a lot of bizarre things to offer.

Now, talking about the most integral part of the game, of course, the Zombies. Dead Island 2 features a diverse range of zombies, each with its own unique abilities and weaknesses. Some zombies are faster and more agile, while others are slower and more lumbering. However, all of them are hungry for human flesh. Let’s learn a bit more about them in depth. Hop in!

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Apex Zombie in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you will have that tingling that the zombies are integrated into the world. As you explore the open world more and more, you will get to encounter zombies in various locations. Say, on the streets, buildings, and even in abandoned cars. This post-apocalyptic setting in Dead Island 2 means that zombies are everywhere.

However, Devs of Dead Island 2 takes the zombie threat to a whole new level with the Apex Zombies. They are formidable and dangerous. They have a massive health pool and devastating attacks. Long story short, they were meant to be on the road as Mini-bosses, but the devs felt cute and chose violence instead.

You will need a strategic approach and plenty of firepowers to bring them down. These formidable foes also have sub-types that can show up unexpectedly anywhere. Needless to say, your journey through the city will be more treacherous than ever. Now, let’s see what type of them we can expect to cross the food aisle in 7-Eleven.

All Apex Zombie Types and Variants


Bursters in Dead Island 2 are literally walking bombs. Be on the safe side; means take them down from afar, as they have a tendency to go boom on their own. However, their explosive personality can also emotionally damage other nearby zombies, talking about a plus point. They also can be taken down with projectiles with ease.

Crushers and Inferno Crushers

Crusher Apex Zombie Dead Island 2

Crushers pack a powerful punch and can knock you down with a Ground Pound. And if that’s not enough, their Inferno Crusher variant can set you ablaze. You will be burnt to a crisp even before trying to put out the flames. Even though you can put out the fire, it will re-ignite.


Slobber Apex Zombie Dead Island 2

Slobbers in Dead Island 2 specialize in defense. However, these are dangerously offensive as well. These hideous zombies can absorb more damage than any other type. They are filled with acidic juices that they can spew out as projectile barf. Note down that this acid is corrosive enough to melt your flesh and bone.

In addition to the standard Slobber variant, there are also Putrefied and Firestorm variants. Putrefied Slobbers can launch Bile Blobs that stick to surfaces and explode, while Firestorm Slobbers deal only fire damage.

Screamer and Voltaic Screamers

Screamer Apex Zombie Dead Island 2

Screamers are absolute control freaks of the Apex Zombie horde in Dead Island 2. Not only can their screams disrupt your entire strategy and send you flying backward, but they also attract other zombies.

They are tough to take out from a distance, so you’ll have to get up close and get personal. Watch out for their shockwaves that might slow you down. Apart from their attacks, the Voltaic Screamer variant can electrocute you, especially if you’re near water.

Butcher and Vicious Butchers

Butcher Apex Zombie Dead Island 2

Butchers are the real pain in Dead Island 2. These Apex Zombies can block your attacks with their sword arms. They can heal by munching on corpses. And their sweet variant, the Vicious Butchers, can inflict severe bleed damage. Switch to Fury mode to stay on toe-to-toe when dealing with any of them.

And this is all I had for the Apex type of Zombies in Dead Island 2. Stick around to learn more about Dead Island 2. Cheerio!

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