DarkZero Esports are the Six Charlotte Major Champions

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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In an action-packed best-of-five series, DarkZero Esports has defeated Astralis to become the Rainbow Six Charlotte Major 2022 Champions.

DarkZero have defeated the number one NAL team – Astralis – in the grand finals of the Six Charlotte Major with a 3-2 scoreline.

DarkZero were put in group C, against G2, Heroic, and W7M Esports. This group was dubbed the ‘group of death’, and DarkZero were expected to be kicked off early in the group stages. However, they proved everyone wrong with a solid performance from every team member, as they finished the group in the first place, and were ready to face Team oNe in the quarter-finals.

DarkZero continued their impressive run, as they defeated Team oNe with a 2-1 scoreline. But in the semi-finals, they were faced off against the super team of LATAM, Team Liquid. The LATAM team looked terrifying on the first map of Themepark, as they swiftly beat DarkZero with a 7-1 score. But DarkZero didn’t give up that easily. The NA team came back on the next two maps to upset Liquid, and secure their place in the grand finals of Six Charlotte Major against Astralis.

While an NA win was now confirmed, DarkZero wanted to be the ones to lift the trophy. DZ started the grand finals with a solid start in the first map of Villa, winning the first three rounds. However, Astralis pulled off an incredible comeback, taking the map to overtime, and eventually winning it with an 8-7 score.

The next two maps, Clubhouse and Border, went to DarkZero, as they moved onto the series point. But, Astralis with many energetic and crazy plays managed to win Oregon and led this enthralling series to the last and final map.

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On this final map of Bank, Astralis seemed to have run out of fuel, as DarkZero swiftly took the first 5 rounds of the map. Although some technical issues did cause DarkZero to lose their momentum, it wasn’t enough to slow down this massive team performance.

DarkZero got to lift their first International Siege trophy, and in front of a huge American crowd. Siege legend Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski adds one more trophy to his collection, besides the two SI hammers, and a Pro League Finals title. He truly is one of the greatest Rainbow Six Siege players of all time and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The young gunner of ‘Panbazou‘ was also awarded the MVP of the whole tournament, and he deserves all of it.

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