League of Legends Darkin Assassin Potentially Leaked

Various hints and rumours suggest that the upcoming Darkin Assassin champion might be a Darkin Dog.

There are over 162 champions in League of Legends. Although it is a high number of characters, all of them are unique and diverse. There are not only humans but also various types of monsters as well. Additionally, one of the popular types of champions is the Darkins.

In the lore, Darkins are the corrupted Ascended imprisoned in their weapons. Moreover, they are inflicted with Blood Magic, giving them a high regeneration power and omnivamp. In League of Legends, there are currently three different Darkin champions. They are Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast (red Kayn).

But in Legends of Runeterra, many other Darkins are roaming all over Runeterra. Some are similar or look humanoid, like Xoolani, Horazi, etc., who look not only similar to Aatrox and the rest of the League Darkins but also have similar lore as them. Meanwhile, there are other types of Darkins whose appearance is more monster-like than human, like Ibaaros, Taarosh, etc. And various leaks and rumours suggest that we are getting a Monster-like Darkin in League of Legends soon.

In Preseason 2023 roadmap video, Riot unveiled that we would be receiving a Darkin champion in some in 2023. However, now we have received more information about the champion itself.

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League of Legends: Darkin Assassin

Although in the roadmap video, Riot mentioned that the Darkin Assassin would release in early 2023. Unfortunately, RiotReav3 later clarified that the Darkin would release in the middle or the end of the year due to various plan changes.

A couple of weeks later, Riot Lexical posted on Twitter that the upcoming Darkin champion would be a girl. However, the tweet is now deleted.

darkin girl

Moreover, Riot prefers to hint at upcoming champions in their preview and roadmap. Likewise, in the preseason 2023 roadmap video, RiotReav3 alluded that the upcoming champion will be of canine origins, like a dog or a wolf.

For reference, at 5:54 in the roadmap video, Reav3 states, “One of the things the League community hounds me about.” Furthermore, at 6:04, he says, “Darkin fans are like, “Throw me a frickin’ bone here!“. Again at 6:08, he adds, “And believe you me, I’m right there with you, barkin’ for some Darkin.”

Furthermore, at 7:08, he states that “as for who or what got ahold of these daggers”, affirming that the Darkin might not be a human or humanoid.

Regardless, from what we can tell, the Darkin will most certainly hold a Dagger. Additionally, they will be an AD mid laner. And from the leaks, we can conclude that the champion might be a dog or a wolf and be a female. Moreover, according to RiotPhroxzon, the Darkin champion would release at the end of the year.

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