Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Should you Kill Milko or Not?

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
By Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Should you kill Milko or not in the gig “Treating Symptoms” in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian sci-fi RPG set in the near future. Developed by CD Projekt Red, it features a massive and deep storyline like those of the developer’s previous titles.

Furthermore, it showcases freedom of choice as one of its features. Thus, the choices you make during dialogue and in missions, whether they’re main quests or side content, can affect your game and how the story plays out.

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This rings true for the game’s first expansion, Phantom Liberty. It includes a brand new espionage-filled spy-thriller storyline. It takes you to Dogtown, where you must forge alliances and interact with all kinds of shady and intimidating characters to complete your mission of rescuing President Myers.

Therefore, you should consider your choices and dialogue rather than just mashing A to skim through conversations.

Halfway through the main mission, “Lucretia My Reflection,” after you exit the hideout, you’ll be able to complete some gigs early for Mr. Hands, your original handler. One of these gigs is “Treating Symptoms”.

This guide is all about the crucial decisions you must make while completing this gig.

Treating Symptoms

The goal of this gig is to enter a stronghold belonging to the Voodoo Boys and neutralize Milko Alexis to protect your client Indira, whom he is targeting. Reaching Milko can be tough as you’ll have to battle an army of Voodoo Boys and some robots to get to him. Furthermore, you’ll also need to deal with a netrunner named Alan Noel.

Getting to the Voodoo Boy’s Hideout

The stronghold is located on the south of the Dogtown stadium. The gig will start once you get near the Luxor High Wellness Spa, which has been converted into a Voodoo Boys base.

Going Through the Base

The main entrance of the base is guarded by Voodoo Boys gang members. You can sneak past them or go in guns blazing, as it does not have any effect on the outcome of the gig. So, you can choose whatever approach suits your playstyle.

The Supplier

You’ll find a supplier on the second floor as you get deeper into the base. You can pay him 500 credits to get info about Milko’s location, or you can punch it out of him. Although this is purely optional, it can be helpful.

The Robots

Further into the quest, as you make your way to the server room, you’ll have to get past some robots and a Robot R Mk.2 boss fight. After taking care of the bots, you can make your way through a long corridor and enter a room where you’ll find Milko and the netrunner Alan Noel.

Should you kill Milko or Not?

You’ll find Milko jacked up to the Net with Alan watching over him. You can simply start blasting away, but the better option is to talk to Alan.

Alan reveals that he is a Netwatch agent working deep undercover to find the boss of the Voodoo Boys. If you kill Milko, you will ruin his work and deprive him of important information. Although, all you have as proof is Alan’s word.

It might seem a tough decision to make, as you’ll have to put your faith in a complete stranger and potentially jeopardize your gig, which aims to protect Indira. However, trusting Alan is the right decision to make.

If you hand over Milko to Netwatch, you’ll receive a call from Mr.Hands saying that Netwatch has put Indira into witness protection, and rest assured, no netrunner will be able to get to her. So you can complete the gig without angering Netwatch.

Additionally, Alan will be impressed with how you handled the situation and will give you some Euro Dollars on top of the 8,000 you receive for completing the gig. You will also receive some additional XP.

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