Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – List of All New Weapons And Charms

Here is a complete list of all the weapons in the recently released Cuphead DLC.

A brand new expansion pack is here for Cuphead, which offers its fanbase new areas to go to and new bosses to defeat. On your journey to this retro-themed game, you will have access to different kinds of weapons which will aid you in your journey.

Moreover, if you are confused about all the weapons coming alongside the DLC, below, we have made a complete list of all weapons and Charms coming with Cuphead DLC.

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List of All New Weapons And Charms in Cuphead DLC

In your journey on the new DLC, you will get three weapons and three relics to aid you in your journey. These will assist you in finishing the secret puzzle fights, time trials, and S-Rank runs to complete the DLC. In addition, there are six bosses to defeat inside the DLC, a new set of challenges, and more new secrets to uncover. Moreover, we have added the complete list of all weapons and Charms below.

All New Weapons

Three new weapons have been introduced alongside the DLC pack in Cuphead. Each of these weapons is unique and contributes to different scenarios and bosses you will face. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of each weapon and how each one of them works below:


Converge is an excellent weapon thanks to its three-way shot, which helps you hit many different targets simultaneously. Moreover, you can narrow the gap between the three shots by holding down R1 or RB. Converge is excellent against enemies who summon small minions to fight for them.

Using this weapon, you can also wipe them out and damage the boss. For a gun that is great at painting crown control, the damage output of Converge is pretty great, too, so it is undoubtedly one of the most valuable weapons in the game.


Another weapon that is again great at crown control is Crackshot. This weapon shoots out laser beams split into smaller ones if they don’t hit anything and gives you a second chance at hitting more targets or getting something out of your attack. This weapon can be very effective against giant bosses. Even if the shot misses, it will still hit due to the laser splitting up.

Twist Up

If hordes of enemies surround you and you need to clear them up, your best go should be Twist Up. The weapon lives up to its name. Using this weapon, you can shoot small tornados upwards, which, if hit, does a good amount of damage.

Focus firing is better with this weapon when clearing a single enemy as it is not very accurate. You can also charge up this attack to become a Cyclone which will damage the enemies and help them clear out most of them.

New Weapons And Charms in Cuphead DLC
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All New Charms

Just like weapons, there are precisely three new charms in the game, giving you different kinds of affinity. Charms are generally items you can buy to add to already special abilities. However, these can also help uncover secret areas, so getting charms in your arsenal is essential in the game. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of all charms below:

Astral Cookie

One of the most special charms in the game is the Astral Cookie, which allows you to play as Ms. Chalice. It is the only way you can get access to this character and play as her. Without it, you will be able to use Cuphead.

Apart from Ms.Chalice has a different parrying attack and a mid-air dash, and a dodge roll. So it is fun to play with her if you are looking for a change in your main character and if you are bored of playing as Cuphead the whole game.

Heart Ring

If you are great at parrying inside Cuphead, we have the perfect charm for you to equip. The heart ring is an exciting charm that will let you restore 1HP on your 1st, 3rd, and 6th successful parry. As easy as it sounds, we can assure you that making these parries happen is certainly not that easy. However, this charm can help complete challenges like The King’s Champions and The King’s Gauntlet.

Broken Relic

The Broken Relic is the last of the charms included inside the latest DLC. This charm will not help you in any way with the combat. However, it will let you access the secret boss with the DLC.

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