Coffee World Gift Shop Safe Code: Alan Wake 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Can’t figure out Coffee World gift shop safe code in Alan Wake 2? Here’s how I solved it.

As Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2, I found myself needing to get into the gift shop safe to retrieve a key. But the code had been changed, and I had limited clues to work with. But don’t panic! With some clever deduction, you can crack the code yourself. Here’s how I cracked the code.

In this guide, I’ll show you how I found the clues for the Coffee World Gift Shop Safe in Alan Wake 2 and solved the puzzle. From matching job titles to numbers to that satisfying click of the safe opening, I’ll walk you through my process.

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Coffee World Safe Code in Alan Wake

Location of the Gift Shop in Alan Wake 2. The image shows the location of the safe in the Gift shop.

Finding the Initial Clues

The first hint was a note left on top of the safe itself, mentioning a change from “Lookout, Fixer, Supplier” to “Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner.” I knew the new code had something to do with those 3 words.

Finding the Initial Clues in Alan Wake 2

I turned around and noticed a staff chalkboard on the wall. Bingo—this had to be connected.

Matching Jobs to Code Words

I studied the chalkboard closely. No staff members were actually named “Tracker,” “Lookout,” or “Cleaner.” But I could match certain jobs to those titles:

  • Tracker = Lost and Found (keep track of lost items)
  • Lookout = Security (keep a lookout for problems)
  • Cleaner = Janitor (cleans things up)

The Aha Moment!

The staff photos on the board were positioned exactly like the number pad on the safe!

So if I matched the jobs to the people, I could translate that to numbers:

  • Lost and Found = Thomas = 1 coffee sticker
  • Security = Joonas = 4 coffee stickers
  • Janitor = Victor = 6 coffee stickers

I rushed back to the safe, carefully entered 1-4-6, and voilà! The safe opened and I got the key. Eureka!

Code to open the gift shop safe in Alan Wake 2

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