CoD Warzone Guru JGOD shares Important Tips to Get More Wins in Season 3

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Winning in a battle royale depends on what decisions a player makes. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning in Warzone.

Warzone is a battle royale that requires robust strategies and decision-making. Likewise, players who avoid common mistakes in-game can secure wins with ease. The sense of achievement in Warzone provides incentives to players to keep on grinding.

JGOD is a Warzone expert who provides insights on game stats and strategies. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular figures in the CoD community right now since his understanding of the game makes him the unparalleled guru of Warzone.

In his most recent video, he shed light on mistakes players make in-game. These mistakes hold them back from winning more games than usual. Here are some tips that will help players secure their desired wins.

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1. Team Play in Early Game

Ensuring strong team play in the early game will always give players an upper hand on their adversaries. Before landing, it is essential to ensure that the whole team lands in close proximity. Staying together in the early game will help win more gunfights when other teams are landing in the same POI.

2. Recon and Mind Mapping

Recon is an integral part of Warzone. Intel on buy stations, enemy position, and vehicles are necessary to plan the next rotation. Having a clear grasp of the surroundings is vital to stay alive till the endgame. Keeping an eye on the TacMap is a must to improve game sense.

TacMap (Credit: u/ConsciousAssumption)

Furthermore, activating recon contracts in the early game will allow players to know where the next circle will end.

3. Loadout Drops

Purchasing loadout drop as soon as there is enough collective cash is crucial in the early game. Loadout drops will allow players to equip their own modified weapons. Proper loadouts are always better than ground loot.

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4. Rotation and Vehicles

Helicopters and ATVs are the best vehicles to use for rotation. Just as the circle timer starts, it is essential to use vehicles to get in the middle of the circle. Another aggressive option would be to catch other players rotating on the circle’s edge. Catching enemies off-guard will allow players to eliminate them quickly.

5. Avoiding Unnecessary Pushes and Thirsting

Avoiding unnecessary pushes is a crucial tactic to master. It is always better to refrain from pushing a team in the heat of the moment. A push should be timed and appropriately planned. This increases the probability of winning the gunfight.

A common mistake most players make is thirsting. Thirsting is rushing to eliminate an opponent after downing them. However, this is a mistake that will get a team killed. After downing a player, looking out for other players is necessary to avoid getting caught off-guard.

6. Proper Positioning in Late Game

The late-game circle is a hard-to-read part of Warzone. Excellent positioning and surrounding awareness are vital for winning. Looking for high ground and cover is the way to go. Saving killstreaks such as Precision Strike and UAV for the late games is an excellent way to corner remaining players.

It is important to understand what mistakes to avoid in-game and how to navigate during the match. These simple tips will help players in getting more wins in Warzone. Check out JGOD’s video to get more valuable tips for Warzone.

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