CoD Warzone gets hit with a massive ban wave, more is one the way

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone got hit with a massive ban wave earlier today that targeted cheaters and exploiters.

Raven Software, the development studio that works on Warzone, Cold War, and other Call of Duty titles has made an announcement confirming the ban wave. On top of that, they are assuring players that more ban wave similar to the last one is already on its way.

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Aimbots, exploits, and other game-breaking events have become synonymous with Warzone at this point. The amount of players that are currently using cheats to ruin other players’ experience in the game has been overwhelming so far.

Hackers even figured out a way to simply end the match as soon as players enter the game. All these and the lackluster anti-cheat system have been a pain point in the whole Warzone multiplayer experience.

New ban waves are coming

Earlier today Raven Software made the announcement regarding the ban wave via their official Twitter account. In the past, Warzone anti-cheat developers have made multiple changes that would stack cheaters against cheaters in the same lobby.

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However, even after all that changes, cheaters always find a workaround. The battle against cheaters in an online FPS game will always be ongoing. Warzone devs need to continue on their crusade against these cheaters in ban waves similar to this one.

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