Chernobylite Guide: All Weapon Locations

Without a good gun in a survival game, you are good as dead.

Chernobylite is a mix of the different genres into one, but as it is a survival game, you will need guns. You can choose the style you want to play in the game, but stealth is not always the answer. Keeping some firepower at your hand can be very useful sometimes. So we have made a complete guide on the locations of all the weapons you can find in Chernobylite.

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All Weapon Locations In Chernobylite Guide :

There are a total of 4 weapons and different kinds of gears in Chernobylite. The game gives equipment like the gasmask to you as you progress in the story. You can also craft weapons if you are not keen to find one. Molecular Plasma Thrower is the only gun that players can obtain only by crafting it. Apart from that, below is a list of locations of all the guns you find in Chernobylite.

Revolver Pistol Location

As you head to your first mission, Oliver will give you a revolver pistol with a few rounds. The second location where you can find the gun is the building middle of the map in the Moscow Eye. There will be three boxes of ammo and two pistols waiting to be in your possession.

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Shotgun Location

There is, in fact, only one place you can find the shotgun in the game. You can find it one in Moscow Eye, in the building North of the map. Players will find two shotguns along with ammo inside the building.

Ak-47 Location

There are two places in Chernobylite where you can find the Ak-47. One of them is in the Pripyat Hospital. You can find the next one while doing a mission where you meet Tarakan. After you are in Pripyat Port, climb to the roof of the mission building. You can find the AK-47 using your scanner in the Elevator Shaft.

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