Chernobylite Guide: How To Find Your Way Back To Your Base

The Farm 51’s new Horror Survival game is something worth checking out.

It has been three days since Chernobylite came out, and players are already enjoying its Semi-Open world. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, as you can guess from its name. To survive players need to gather different kinds of resources scattered across the map. While exploring, it can be tough to find your way to your base. Furthermore, so we have created a guide on how to get back to your base in Chernobylite.

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How to Find your way back to your Base in Chernobylite Guide:

Going on a mission and collecting all that loot can be very fun in Chernobylite. The game will guide you to the location of your mission, but the game will not guide you back to your base. To return to your base in an instant, you can use the Portal Generator.

In fact, going to your base without the Portal Generator is dangerous, and you could lose all your loot. To use the Portal Generator, all you have to do is equip it. Press Y on Xbox and Triangle or using the D-pad to access the shortcut menu and select the Portal Generator. Moreover, after you equip the Generator, hold LT to use it, and after a short cutscene, you will be back at your base

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