Chernobylite Guide: How you can craft Lockpick

The Farm 51’s new game Chernobylite is out now.

Chernobylite mixes all kinds of genres, starting from RPG to stealth-based survival horror. Exploring the radioactive wasteland in Chernobylite, different types of tools will come to your aid. In fact, one of these tools is the Lockpick, and it will help you reach a lot of places where you can find essential resources. Furthermore, we have created a complete guide on how you can craft Lockpick in Chernobylite.

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How to craft Lockpick in Chernobylite Guide:

Lockpicks can unlock different sections of the map, which will give you valuable resources and shortcuts. However, you will not be able to find this tool anywhere on the map. Rather players will have to craft it using resources. Moreover, to prepare a Lockpick, you will first need to build the Industrial Grinder at your Base.

You will need Mechanical Parts, 8 Electronic Parts, and 4 Flammable Parts to build the Industrial Grinder. You will find these items all over Chernobylite’s World. After you made an Industrial Grinder, you will have to gather 2 Mechanical Parts and 1 Chemical to craft a lockpick once you have the required parts for making the Lockpick interact with the Industrial and craft it.

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