Casual Apex Legends players are getting humbled in Solos as they pit against TTV sweats

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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One of the most sought-after LTM has made its return after nearly 5 long years. Those who thought they were decent at the game are finding otherwise.

After much back and forth, Solos has finally returned to Apex Legends in Season 21. Players who experienced the game mode in Season 2 and others who heard good tales about being a lone wolf against other solos have long wanted it to return.

So, when Respawn announced the return of Solos, all players, new and old, were ecstatic to try it out. Naturally, most players hopped into the Solos servers as soon as the new season dropped.

The majority of the decent players entered the Solos, hoping to run over the lobbies and get some high-kill games. However, most players’ dreams got shattered as they continued getting outgunned by others.

According to the players in the Apex Legends subreddit, the Solos servers are filled with Predators, Masters, or try-hard TTV sweats who want to get the 20 bombs badge. So, those who always thought they were good at the game had their hopes crushed by those who were better than them.

But that’s not all. Players who somehow manage to hold up against the good players are also facing obstacles like cheaters and teamers. So, the problem isn’t just a “skill issue.”

Apart from some minor setbacks, the Apex community is enjoying the overall Solos experience. Despite getting bested by the high-ranked players and sweats, they feel like it’s the best way to improve at the game.

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