Apex Legends: Best Legends to Play in Season 21

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Only a selected number of legends can increase your chances of winning in Apex Legends Season 21.

As of Upheaval, Respawn released a total of 26 characters in the game. Among them, Alter is the most recent addition to the game. Every legend in Apex Legends is useful and has its fair share of fanbase. However, despite being useful, not all legends fall into the category of the “best” due to many factors, such as the ongoing meta, current map rotations, and more.

Understandably, not everyone stays up to date with the current meta. So, as a regular Apex Legends ranked player who keeps up with the competitive scene, I will list the most useful legends you should play in Apex Legends Season 21 to maximize your wins.

Moreover, I will list the best legends from each category: assault, support, recon, skirmisher, and controller, so you can build your own team composition with your friends and dominate in the ranked leagues or pubs. I will also suggest some meta-team compositions for different maps at the end of the article so you can get some ideas regarding what legends go well together.

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Assault Legends

Assault Legends


Bangalore is currently the most powerful meta character in Apex Legends, with a staggering 88.52% pick rate in the latest ALGS Playoffs. Although we may see a slight change in her pick rate due to the recent Digital Threat nerf, her overall balanced kit still makes up for that specific weakness. Moreover, Bloodhound is still in the meta. So, it’s a no-brainer not to pick Bangalore if there’s a Bloodhound in your team.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is one of the few legends with the most balanced abilities in the game. Her Q has always been helpful, but thanks to the recent perk system, Respawn has taken her to a new height. Also, as SMGs are not as powerful right now as before, having Mad Maggie with shotguns can win you many close-range fights in the game. Not to mention, you can use her Ultimate to break doors against Catalyst players who are continuously reinforcing the doors.


Fuse is literally the only effective counter against Catalysts in Season 21. Although legends like Mad Maggie and Alter can partially counter them, they cannot do much if the Catalyst players repeatedly reinforce the doors. Yet, this handy ability is mostly helpful in the middle to late game when almost every Catalyst player has purple or better armor. In the early game, Fuse is a hit or miss.

Support Legends


Newcastle has always been a good legend with potential. However, the character always seemed slow, as it took ages to deploy his Mobile Shield. On top of that, his Castle Wall was only good on paper, not in action, as it did very little to prevent enemies from pushing a Newcastle team. However, with the Season 21 update, his weaknesses related to his tactical and ultimate have been removed. So, currently, Newcastle is one of the strongest support legends to pick.


We don’t really need to justify why Lifeline is one of the best support legends in the game. She is the ultimate support character that any team can ask for. A good Lifeline will always provide her team with everything they need.


If you prefer to play aggressively but need to have a support character in your team so you can bring back teammates when needed, Conduit should be your go-to legend. Her Radiant Transfer ability to regenerate an ally’s shield wins many fights in off-drop contests. Even in the mid or late game, you can use Conduit to make up for the weak shields. However, apart from that, she doesn’t provide much. So, it’s better not to pick her if you play more passively.

Controller Legends


Catalyst just got back into the meta in Season 21, thanks to the latest buff to her perks. Now, you can throw Catalyst’s tactical in long range, which previously needed the level 2 perk to unlock. Moreover, you can throw 3 of them with the Sister Spikes upgrade. The most important change that brought her into the meta is the Ferro-Door perk upgrade. Now, no matter how many times your opponents break your door, you can always reinforce them using the passive skill.


With Caustic leaving the meta, Wattson looks to be the only contender to Catalyst in Season 21. Wattson can not only hold down a building but also an open space. Moreover, with Bangalore still in the meta, Wattson is the only possible counter if you are stuck in a corner, trying to avoid getting hit by Bangalore’s ultimate. Also, don’t forget the fact that the team [Reject WInnity], finishing first in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs, had a Wattson in their team. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Recon Legends


Respawn increased Bloodhound’s ultimate recharge time from 3 minutes to 4 minutes. Although you may think it is a huge nerf to Bloodhound’s ultimate, you still need to consider that other recon legends [except Crypto] are still bad. On the other hand, Bloodhound’s level 3 perk also received a huge buff [+50 hp on knock,] which is a game-changer.


Season 20 changes for Crypto were great additions. However, there was some room for improvement. With the Season 21 update, Respawn finally perfected Crypto. Right now, you can be a menace with the drone. You just need to practice with him before getting into an actual match, and you’ll notice the difference.

Skirmisher Legends


Revenant is the best legend to play aggressively and stay in the front line. His ultimate takes only 3 minutes to charge. So, you can have your ultimate ready before almost any fight. If you have a good aim and like to stay on the front line, Revenant should be your first choice.


Alter is the latest legend in the skirmisher roster. As she has just entered the game, many people still don’t know how to utilize and counter her properly. You can take this as an opportunity to get ahead of everyone else and become a menace to other players.

Best Legend Compositions for Every Map

Best Legend Compositions for Every Map

Choosing the right legend composition is just as important as picking the right legend in Apex. For example, I’ve mentioned that Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Fuse are all great legends to pick in Season 21. However, that doesn’t mean that your team composition should consist of Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Fuse, as they are all assault legends and lack balance.

Depending on the map, a team should have a mixture of legends from different classes. It is mostly because of the class perks system. For example, if you need zone information, you obviously need a controller legend. Moreover, if you need to play aggressively and know enemies’ locations, you need a recon legend to scan survey beacons and vice versa.

So, keeping that in mind, I will suggest some of the best team compositions for the three different maps currently in the map rotations.

World’s Edge

  • Bangalore, Bloodhound, Wattson
  • Revenant, Newcastle, Bloodhound
  • Fuse/Mad Maggie, Crypto/ Bloodhound, Catalyst
  • Crypto, Lifeline, Catalyst

Broken Moon

  • Bangalore, Bloodhound, Catalyst
  • Fuse, Lifeline, Catalyst
  • Fuse, Bloodhound, Newcastle
  • Alter, Crypto, Catalyst

Kings Canyon

  • Bangalore, Bloodhound, Wattson
  • Revenant, Newcastle, Bloodhound
  • Catalyst, Lifeline, Crypto
  • Revenant, Conduit, Crypto

These are some of my experienced suggestions regarding Season 21’s legend compositions. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative. Based on your and your friends’ playstyles, you can make some adjustments and make your own legend compositions in this season.

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