10 Most Picked Legends in ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs

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By Nazmul Hassan
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The Apex Legends meta has evolved a lot since the last ALGS LAN tournament. Here are the 10 most picked legends in the first Playoffs of ALGS 2024.

Apex Legends has an ever-evolving meta. With every major update, Respawn makes big changes to the game to keep the game fresh and competitively balanced. As Apex Legends is a hero-shooter BR, the legends’ buffs and nerfs usually have the most significant impact on the meta shifts, especially in the highest level of ALGS lobbies.

With the recent ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs finish, we now have the finalized statistics of the tournament. And here are the top 10 most picked legends in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs:

1. Bangalore – 88.52%

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Bangalore first came under the limelight during the ALGS 2023 Split 1. Since then, Bangalore has gained a steady pick rate increase in the following tournaments. During the ALGS 2023 Championship, Bangalore climbed to the top of the ladder as the highest-picked legend. So, in the next patch, Respawn gave Bangalore some minor nerfs and removed the Digital Threat from the SMGs. However, that also proved ineffective, as Bangalore’s overall pick rate just increased again in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs.

2. Bloodhound – 86.89%

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Multiple factors contributed to Bloodhound’s 86.89% pick rate in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. First of all, Bloodhound is a very powerful legend when combined with Bangalore’s smoke. As Respawn removed Digital Threat from SMGs, Bloodhound’s ability to see through smoke became more prominent. Seer’s nerf right after last year’s Split 2 Playoffs also boosted Bloodhound’s overall pick rate. As it is really important to have a recon legend in a team, Bloodhound remained the apparent choice for most.

3. Caustic – 57.54%

credit: ea

Caustic’s prowess in the end game is unparalleled. Moreover, he is also the best controller legend to bunker down a confined area. However, due to the armor update in Season 20, teams can’t just sit inside a building for the rest of the match. Moreover, it is also possible to not find a suitable space to control when the teams are rotating from another part of the map. In those scenarios, Caustics can be a burden to the team. So, despite being overly qualified, Caustic has a 57.54% pick rate in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. Still, not bad at all!

4. Horizon – 16.89%

Credit: EA

The only teams that had to contest for the same POI off-spawn picked Horizon in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. Apart from the contested teams, no other team picked Horizon in this tournament.

5. Wattson – 12.3%

credit: ea

Wattson is the tournament’s second most picked controller legend. As we mentioned before, Caustic has some minor but serious flaws that make him a hit-or-miss character. However, Wattson has a versatile kit that makes her a good but not great character for most playstyles. So, most teams that did not pick Caustic picked Wattson as the controller legend.

6. Conduit – 8.77%

credit: ea

Like Horizon, Conduit was also picked by most of the teams fighting off-spawn for a POI contest. Conduit’s shield regeneration ability was the key to winning many fights for certain teams. However, after the first contest is done, Conduit doesn’t really provide too much value for the team. So, she has only a mere 8.77% pick rate in the entire tournament.

7. Lifeline – 6.31%

credit: ea

No one really expected Lifeline to have this many picks in an ALGS tournament. However, while defying all odds, Lifeline secured a 6.31% pick rate, besting many other good legends in the game. Moreover, if Aurora and 2R1C had to play Losers Brackets 1 and 2, Lifeline would have a considerably higher pick rate than 6.31%.

8. Valkyrie – 6.31%

Credit: EA

Overall, Valkyrie maintained a decent pick rate in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. Her ability to take a team into the ring is almost unmatched. And let’s be honest; if Evac Tower was not a thing, we indeed might’ve witnessed more Valkyries in the tournament.

9. Crypto – 4.26%

Credit: Respawn

Crypto has a specific fan base, even among the professional Apex Legends players. So, despite being out of the meta, Crypto had a 4.26% pick rate in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs.

10. Wraith – 3.77%

Image Credit: Respawn

Wraith somehow managed to sneak into the top ten most picked legends list in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. Although her pick-rate isn’t great, we could witness some exciting gameplay due to her Portals.

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There you go; these are the top most picked legends in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs. As we all know, Respawn likes to shake things up with every big patch. So, expect some big changes along the way that may change the ongoing legend meta.

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