Cassiopeia, Rell, Syndra, Caitlyn, Shyvana, and some others are getting buffs in patch 11.15

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot to buff Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Rell, Shyvana, Syndra, and Xayah in League of Legends patch 11.15.

League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer, Riot Jag has previewed the upcoming LoL patch 11.15. And according to Riot, patch 11.15 will shake up a lot of pro games, especially the playoffs. Moreover, it is also targeting a couple of high-performing solo queue champions as well.

While some of the “overpowered” champions are getting nerfs, Riot is going to buff ten champions: Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Rell, Shyvana, Syndra, and Xayah in patch 11.15.

Caitlyn and Xayah are the two ADC champions who getting buffs on patch 11.15. Xayah already received some buffs on patch 11.13, but her pick rate and win rate barely increased as she still has a 47.44% win rate and 2.5% pick rate. Caitlyn, on the other hand, has an 8.1% pick rate in the soloq but her win rate is 49.43%. ADC role is currently dominated by Ezreal, Kai’Sa, and others—so only time will tell whether these buffs on patch 11.15 will help Caitlyn and Xayah or not.

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While the support role is dominated by Thresh, Lulu, and Karma – Blitzcrank and Rell are barely getting picked. Therefore, two other bot lane champions Blitzcrank and Rell are also set to receive buff on patch 11.15 as well.

Two jungle champions Nidalee and Shyvana are also getting some love on patch 11.15. Currently, Nidalee only has a 48.08% win rate while Shyvana only has 47.56%. Both have pretty bad pick rates but Shyvana’s pick rate is one of the lowest among any other jungle champions.

Furthermore, League of Legends patch 11.15 is also going to feature buffs of four AP champions—two mid: Cassiopeia and Syndra, two top: Kennen and Mordekaiser.

All the buffs will be available in patch 11.15 PBE for testing and full changes are scheduled to go live on July 21, 2021.

Patch 11.15 Buffs


  • Base stats:
    • Armor: 37 >>> 40
  • Q:
    • Damage: 70-270 (+100% AP) >>> 90-290 (120% AP)


  • Q:
    • AD Ratio: 130-170% >>> 130-190%


  • E:
    • Damage: 10-90 >>> 20-100


  • Q:
    • Damage: 75-235 (+75% AP) >>> 85-265 (+80% AP)


  • W:
    • Cooldown: 14-10 >>> 12-8
    • Damage stored: 35% >>> 45%


  • Base stats
    • HP: 545 >>> 570
    • HP/lvl: 85 >>> 95


  • W:
    • Cooldown: 13 >>> 11


  • Q:
    • Cooldown: 9-5 >>> 7-5
    • AP Ratio: 25/15% >>> 35/25%


  • Q:
    • Mana cost: 60-80 >>> 40-80


  • R:
    • Cooldown: 160-130 >>> 140-100

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