Call of Duty x “Godzilla vs Kong” Crossover: First Look, Release Date, and More 

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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The first look at Call of Duty’s collaboration with the Godzilla Universe has been released. According to the trailers, Godzilla and Kong will appear after the start of Season 3.

Several months ago, prominent Call Of Duty leakers “GhostOfHope” and “RealityUK” hinted at the arrival of Godzilla and Kong in Warzone. The crossover’s arrival was further solidified when the official Call of Duty Twitter account posted a tweet with a monkey and lizard emoji.

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According to a teaser posted from the official Call of Duty Twitter account, Nazis have deployed Nebula bombs worldwide, including Caldera Island. Team Harpy can be seen running around a field, fighting them to intercept the bomb. After they kill the Nazis, an ORCA intercept reveals a monster’s scream echoing on the frequency, which the Nebula Bomb has awakened.

Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms Presents Operation Monarch

The official trailer begins with a shot of the ORCA radio machine and a plane taking off above it. Kong appears in the frame and captures the plane as it continues to ascend. Kong immediately crashes the plane into the ground after capturing it.

Kong lets out a battle cry soon after destroying the plane, and Godzilla emerges from the water. They both rush towards each other, ready to fight. The trailer is heavily influenced by the blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong” film (2021).

Operation Monarch Details

According to the appearances, Operation Monarch will be a limited-time event. There hasn’t been any official gameplay of the game mode released yet. However, based on previous experiences with various limited-time game modes, the game mode will feature a large-scale rendition of the two monsters in the pre-existing battle royale map.

It’s unclear whether players will have to fight the monsters. However, Call of Duty’s official Twitter account previously leaked a vault of specially enhanced weapons that would be available to Warzone players. Putting the pieces together, it’s possible that players might have to cooperate with those special weapons to defeat these monsters.

Operation Monarch Release Date:

The game mode is set to be released after the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms (Update 1.57) on 27 April 2022. The official release date of Operation Monarch is 11 May 2022.

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