Call of Duty: Warzone Titanium Trials Endurance – How it Works, Rules and Rewards

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Titanium trials mode just arrived in Warzone, allowing players to take the helm of Terminator. Here’s how the game mode works, its rules and rewards.

Call of Duty: Warzone has made its latest collaboration with the Terminator series. Players can opt-in with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-1000 and the infamous T-800 in Warzone. This is Warzone’s biggest crossover event since its last collaboration with Godzilla and King Kong.

Players have been introduced to a new game mode along with the Terminator operator bundles. The new game mode titled Titanium Trials allows players to take the helm of a Terminator with an increased health pool, new exclusive weapons and rewards.

Here’s everything we know about the new Titanium Trials Endurance LTE.

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Titanium Trials Endurance 101

How it Works

Titanium Trials Endurance is a limited-time game mode where players gain Terminator-like abilities such as an increased health pool. Furthermore, players can obtain exclusively powerful weapons with enhanced abilities to counter the increased health pool.


  • Players have an increased health pool of 400, where 300 comes from the armor plates with a base health pool of 100. Once the shield is gone, players can get knocked quickly, making this game a high-stakes mode compared to other LTEs.
  • The game mode takes place in Caldera, with quads and a total player count of 152.
  • Loadouts are expensive in the early game, and the cost gets reduced with each closing circle.
  • There are legendary, and exotic ground loots with enhanced attachments, allowing players not to be dependent on their loadouts.


Players can obtain 13 rewards through the 13 Titanium challenges in Trials game mode. Here’s a comprehensive list of the challenges and rewards.

Complete one execution in Titanium Trials: EnduranceBattle Pass 2XP Token
Revive 10 Players in Titanium Trials: EnduranceWeapon 2XP Token
Win a Gulag 5 times in Titanium Trials: EnduranceEpic “Titanium Chrome” Vanguard Weapon Camo
Achieve a Top 10 finish in Titanium Trials: EnduranceUncommon “I’ll Be Back” Progression Calling Card #1
Win 1 time in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #2
Win 2 times in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #3
Win 3 times in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #4
Win 4 times in Titanium TrialsBattle Pass Tier Skip
Event CompletionistUltra “Liquid Metal” Vanguard Weapon Camo (Animated)
Win 5 times in Titanium TrialsLegendary “I’ll Be Back” Player Title.
Win 10 times in Titanium Trials.Legendary “Hasta La Vista, Baby” Player Title.
Win 15 times in Titanium Trials.Ultra “The Terminator” Progression Calling Card #5 (Animated)
Win 20 times in Titanium Trials.Ultra “Skynet” Vanguard Weapon Camo

So, hopefully, our Titanium Trials Endurance guide will you to get the most wins in Warzone.

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