Warzone Community is Not Happy with the new “Repulsive” Anime Tracer Pack Bundle

Warzone players have not received the new anime tracer pack with a pat on the back. The majority of the community is unhappy with the bundle and the current condition of skin releases.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been dropping out-of-the-box bundles starting from Die Hard, Saw, Attack on Titan, Godzilla, King Kong, and lastly, Terminator. However, they did not get a warm reception from the community. Only Godzilla and King Kong tracer packs managed to get a positive feedback from players.

The recent fiasco started with the “Repulsive” anime tracer pack bundle. However, it is not the first anime bundle in the game, MW and BOCW were the first to bring in the Anime Bundles, but they were simple and well-received by almost everyone.

Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games introduced the “Repulsive” anime tracer pack bundle with the success of its predecessor in mind. Unfortunately, their efforts went in vain. They made the bundle too extravagant with the Mastercraft weapon blueprint, straying away from the previous simplicity.

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Failure of the “Repulsive” Anime Tracer Pack Bundle

The new bundle features an H4 Blixen Mastercraft weapon blueprint that has sparked controversy. In a game with a WW2 setting, an anime skin with a futuristic look falls out of place.

Following the bundle’s release, u/DefunctHunk_COD created a Reddit thread asking players about their take on the bundle.

Fans were quick to express their discontent with the skin, u/AstroFlippy commented that he’s eagerly waiting for MW2 like the majority of the community.

The original poster replied to the user with a witty comeback bursting his bubble of expectation surrounding MW2.

Most people think Raven Software is catering to the Fortnite community who transitioned to Warzone later on.

It is a matter of time now to see if Call of Duty manages to move away from gimmicky skins or not. They might have to transition to MW’s realistic skins to capture the community’s appreciation.

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