JGOD shares His Opinion on Why Controller is Better for Call of Duty: Warzone

JGOD has shared his take on the keyboard mouse and controller dispute. While most players think controllers are far better in Warzone, here’s what JGOD has to say in this matter.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced the new and improved aim assist features. These features have been the benchmark for Warzone and the latter titles BOCW and Vanguard. The dynamic aim assist provides a ridiculous amount of advantage in gunfights.

The ease of use and the advantage overshadow the trusty old keyboard and mouse. KBM fails to match the unparalleled standards of the controller. Most content creators have been pointing this out since Modern Warfare’s release.

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JGOD’s Take on KBM and Controller

In a recent stream, JGOD was analyzing a streamer’s gameplay as he lost a Warzone tournament match. The streamer was using a KBM, and that’s when the topic pooped up. JGOD stated, “I think it’s easy for any controller player to kill any KBM player.”

He explained his statement by sharing why aim assist can do what it does in the current situation. According to him, any keyboard and mouse player will feel cheated when they go against a controller player because of how strong the aim assist is at the moment.

JGOD’s statement is correct from every angle, as the controller has been and will remain a far superior option in Warzone. On the contrary, other BR titles, Apex Legends and PUBG do not provide this much power to controller players, making KBM players the dominant ones.

It’s still unclear whether MW2 and Warzone 2 will dial down on the aim assist. However, CoD always has been a console and controller-friendly game. Furthermore, Call of Duty League’s official mode of playing has been controller since the days of Black Ops 2. So, it’s unlikely to see the aim assist get hit with a nerf any time soon.

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