Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Second Map is Reportedly in Development

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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A second map for Call of Duty Warzone 2 is reportedly in development. Here’s everything we know about the new map.

Modern Warfare II is currently in the works. The new title is a direct sequel to MW (2019). Just like its predecessor, MWII is getting a Warzone rendition of its own.

Warzone has had four maps since its release. Following its footsteps, Warzone 2 might feature two maps. Recent leaks suggest that a brand new map is in development for the brand new battle royale. Furthermore, with the community’s positive reaction to Rebirth Island and later on Caldera, it is not a matter of surprise that Warzone 2 might get a second map.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, there is a new map in development for Warzone. His sources found a new locked map for Warzone 2 while playtesting the game.

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Warzone 2’s New Map

A playtester found a new map in the menu while testing the new game. The curator of the playtest stated that it was a new map currently in development with no confirmed release date.

Verdansk 84’s was the revamped version of Warzone’s first map. The official second map for Warzone was Rebirth Island, released in Cold War’s life cycle. The map was small and compact. It got an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the community.

Rebirth Island (Image via

The new map might follow Rebirth Island’s structure. However, it is too soon to say whether the new map might be small or large in scale. Rebirth Island was a massive success for Warzone, so it might not be amusing to see the new map be a small one.

It’s important to remember that these are just leaks, and the developers have yet to confirm the information. As a result, take these leaks with a grain of salt until an official announcement comes out.

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