Call of Duty: Vanguard’s #2 Ranked Player Caught Cheating with Wallhacks Live on Stream

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Call of Duty: Vanguard’s #2 ranked player just exposed himself cheating on a live stream by showing his wallhacks.

Call of Duty, like most other games, also had its fair amount of troubles with cheats and hackers. Several gamers have boosted their numbers, increased their speed, and unlocked everything available without ever playing a game.

While many cheaters managed to remain undetected for extended periods of time, others weren’t so smart and exposed themselves to the whole CoD community. The issue has become worse with the launch of Warzone as many gamers transferred from consoles to PC for competitive play. Even though there is an anti-cheat system in the guise of RICOCHET hunting them, hackers are still quite rampant.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Ranked Play feature allows players to see where they stand with other gamers. If players win their matches, they’ll obtain a high rating to show off their abilities. If they lose, they’ll fall through the ranks. Unfortunately, the competitive nature of a Ranked Playlist means that players are encouraged to rank as high as possible, and some will go to any length to do so. As a result, some players will succumb to cheating to get an edge over their competitors.

Vanguard’s Rank #2 Player Gets Caught

Recently, a video from “pplehx” who is currently the number #2 player on Call of Duty Vanguard, surfaced on Twitter. He was seen playing Hardpoint on Tuscan. The clip showcased that after dying in the “church,” he was spectating his teammate push the same point. And at that moment, his stream glitched and exposed his wallhacks. Enemies can be seen highlighted through the walls.

He can be seen immediately responding with, “Why does my game always crash?”. However, it was too late for him. His chat had already caught on to his charade, and the moment was clipped. Viewers had started clipping and posting it on Twitter.

He further responded to the claim by saying he had only done it to “Get the Diamond Camo” and was clueless about turning it off.

Activision is being serious with hackers as of now, and with the release of RICOCHET they are cracking down the hackers with utmost dedication. Since the launch of RICOCHET, almost 900K hackers have been banned. The fate of “pplehx” is still unknown, but his player records and leaderboard scores were removed, as of writing.

The story is still developing. We’ll keep an eye on any future updates surrounding this situation.

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